Redmoon to host under 21 Halloween party

By Arts & Culture Reporter

Students are invited to join 1,000 other teenagers from around Chicago to dress up as someone or something else and put a spin on the typical Halloween at “Skelebration.”

Redmoon, a Pilsen-based theater located at 2120 S. Jefferson St., will host its annual Halloween party. Previously an event for families, this year’s “Skelebration” will be open exclusively to teenagers.

“In years past, ‘Skelebration’ has been for younger children,” said Debbie Saul, director of marketing for Redmoon. “It seemed like this was an opportunity to provide [15–20 year olds] with a unique and safe experience.”

“Skelebration” will include indoor swings, arcade games, psychic readings,food trucks and “a few other surprises,” Saul said.

Saul said Redmoon will also feature multiple DJs and a dance battle competition at the event.

“[‘Skelebration’] will have a cash prize for the one-on-one, all-style dance battle with some judges affiliated with different teen dance groups,” Saul said.

Freshman dance major Summer Griffin, who worked with Redmoon for the Great Chicago Fire Festival in September, said she plans to attend “Skelebration” with her dance group.

Griffin said she is excited to see the costumes worn to “Skelebration” because she expects them to be weird, and she also is excited to visit Redmoon’s warehouse for the event.

“I think it’ll be really interesting to see how Redmoon’s going to change [its] warehouse and make it spectacular because I know they make really cool contraptions for parties,” Griffin said.

Desirae Gladden, a junior business & entrepreneurship major, said she has worked with Redmoon since June when she started out as an operations intern. Gladden said she has moved into front-of-house where she works with volunteers and handles ticket sales. Gladden will also be working “Skelebration.”

“There’s going to be a lot of stuff,” Gladden said. “Redmoon is a performing arts nonprofit, so there will be performers, music and DJs. I’m particularly excited about the root beer kegs.”

The event will also include temporary tattoo stations featuring tattoos designed by teen artists around the city, Saul said.

“Redmoon provides immersive experiences that are visual and unique,” Saul said. “College students will have never experienced anything like this before. I think they’ll enjoy that aspect of [‘Skelebration’].”

Gladden said all of the proceeds from the event go to supporting Redmoon’s free programming like The Great Chicago Fire Festival.

Saul said she hopes the teen version of “Skelebration” will become as popular as Redmoon’s 21-and-over event, “Boneshaker,” which is held Oct. 31 in the same warehouse as “Skelebration.”

“I think we’re going to [put the event on] this year and see what the response is,” Saul said. “Right now people are very enthusiastic about [Skelebration].”

Saul said she thinks the event is important because while there are events for teenagers, there are not a lot of party events that cater to the 15–20-year-old age range in a controlled and safe environment while offering a young adult experience.

Gladden agreed with Saul and said, “There’s no really safe place or place where [teenagers] can go and have fun without their parents worrying. There’s no 21-and-under clubs in Chicago, so there’s no place you can go dance.”

According to Redmoon’s website, there will be a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking at “Skelebration.”

“I think it’s a great opportunity to try something new because [college students] can’t trick-or-treat anymore, or at least they shouldn’t trick-or-treat anymore,” Gladden said.

“Skelebration” is scheduled for Oct. 30, 7–11 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and can be found at