Some college resources still available during summer break

By Lauren Kelly

Although the spring courses officially end May 15, some students continue to utilize the campus and its services throughout the summer.

Columbia offers many resources for students during the summer months that enable them to continue creating work and practicing their crafts.

Students can take a number of classes over the summer term for regular credit. Those enrolled in summer courses will begin May 26. More than 100 classes are offered throughout the summer in each department. Students can complete prerequisites and core classes as well as take time to finish advanced classes or electives.

All department equipment typically used in classes will be available for use to students who are enrolled in a course.

“Core classes like Production I and Production II have access to cameras with light meters and tripods,” said Clint Vaupel, Film & Video Department equipment manager.

Also, various facilities and buildings are open for students. The Library, located in the South Campus Building, 624 S. Michigan Ave., will be open and will have computers and services available for students.

Library faculty member Roland Hansen said librarians will be working throughout the break to help students navigate the department and use computer services.

The Columbia Bookstore will also be open all summer, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. The bookstore will be buying back textbooks all summer.

The Photography Department will continue to operate the darkroom facilities for students enrolled in summer courses and allow access to photography majors.

“If you’re a photo major or if you had a darkroom class in the spring, you can pay a $75 fee and can gain access for the summer while we’re open,” said darkroom facilities coordinator Robert Linkiewicz. “It’s a great place to hang out, especially in the summer because it’s really slow here.”

The Center for Book and Paper Arts will hold its annual Summer Residency program from June 15 to 26, this year featuring artist Ben Durham. For the two-week program, Durham and a graduate student will work side-by-side in the paper studio.

“The artist who’s visiting will gain experience from the student because the students are acclimated to our studios,” said residency coordinator Brad Freeman. “They may know techniques he hasn’t necessarily been trained in. It’s a learning environment for the student as well as the resident.”

All Columbia buildings are open over the summer with varying hours. Every building on campus will be closed on Memorial Day, May 25; Independence Day, July 4; and Labor Day, Sept. 7. Each building will also be closed every Sunday.