The Columbia Chronicle

Flood victims remain in need of aid

By Darryl Holliday

November 8, 2010

Despite nearly $300 million in federal aid, some Chicago residents are still in need of relief after floods turned parts of the city’s West Side into an official disaster area during the summer.Nearly a month after a state of emergency was declared in suburban Westchester, Ill., a declaration from President Barack Obama on Aug. 19 made federal funding for recovery efforts available to residents in Cook, Carroll, DuPage, Jo...

Zine Columbia launches 8th unknown edition

By HermineBloom

October 19, 2009

Using everything from original photography to typography, students in the Art and Design Department have teamed up with writers in the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia to create a relatively unknown, 68-page, full-color published product underneath the umbrella of Zine Columbia. The product was first conceived in 2003 as a “one-off” double zine, or two different-themed zines in one, for design majors at Columbia.The eigh...

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