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Getting Down Under The Influence


February 9, 2016

  The phrase “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” has been in use since the ‘70s, but remove the rock ‘n’ roll and an all-too-common combination among today’s young adults is center-stage—one that can have harmful health effects. Lauren Zerbst, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in sex therapy, said young adults and college students are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol during sex. “It’...

Greg Fenton, founder of Red Shelf, said that the company’s attitude toward content distribution is like Netflix for textbooks and educational material.

RedShelf platform promotes educational innovation

January 25, 2016

New print editions of textbooks are typically released every few years, but digital content distributor Red Shelf allows publishers to update their textbooks every semester based on the information students...

Alumna Suzanne Pearman remembered for her gift of words and humor

Suzanne Pearman, a 2012 cinema art + science alumna, died on Oct. 25.

By Lauren Kostiuk

November 9, 2015

Suzanne Pearman, a 2012 cinema art + science alumna, died Oct. 25 at the age of 25.Pearman was a poet, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, social media expert, humanitarian and filmmaker most recently enrolled in ...

A petition was launched in March challenging the November 2014 stray hold ordinance affecting Chicago’s Animal Care and Control Department that limits the number of days stray animals will be held. The center will now only hold animals for a maximum of three days, unless they arrive with identification.

Petition fights stray animal hold ordinance in Chicago

April 13, 2015

The City of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control Department passed an ordinance in November 2014 that limits the number of days it holds stray dogs and cats that do not have proper identification. Under t...

Giuliana Rancic’s ‘weed’ joke disrespectful, not racist

By Managing Editor

March 9, 2015

Giuliana Rancic, a commentator on E! Entertainment’s “Fashion Police,” made a remark about 18-year-old Disney star Zendaya Coleman’s hairstyle during a Feb. 23 episode that covered celebrity fashion at the Oscars.      Coleman, donning a white Vivienne Westwood gown, wore her hair in dreadlocks. The racially mixed star—whose father is black and mother is white—said she chose the style to show that people of color don...


Holds on marijuana licenses will not stop HerbFront’s debut

January 26, 2015

HerbFront, a member of Elmspring’s accelerator program, is set to debut its website the first week of February. However, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s delay to issue business licenses for the distribution and c...

Tactile fluidity: Human sense of wetness likely a collaboration of receptors

Tactile fluidity: Human perception of wetness likely a collaboration of receptors

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor & Copy Chief

October 13, 2014

A diver stands poised at the edge of a dock. With one smooth motion, he leaps outward and parts the surface of the water with his hands. Immediately, his skin prickles at the ocean’s coolness. The palm...

Is weed a gateway drug?

April 21, 2014

As more states legalize medical marijuana and debate recreational use, the scientific community is investigating the plant’s effects on the body and brain. One of the more contentious debates is whether weed is a gateway to hard drugs—a theory that could be negated by expanding marijuana legalization.While there is no conclusive proof that marijuana use predicts hard drug use, there is a correlation: 61.8 percent of hard dr...

High on threads

Weed fashion

By Assistant Metro Editor

April 21, 2014

As I sat down in my first class of the spring semester, I noticed a pair of gray socks with yellow marijuana leaves printed all over them sprouting from a pair of gray Vans across the room. With an eye...



March 31, 2014

Growing up, my mom learned how to cook from her mom, a first-generation Palestinian immigrant. My grandmother cooked enough food to feed her farm town, a cooking style my mom picked up.To begin making the c...

Adolescent cannabis use may affect adult IQ

By Brandon Smith

September 17, 2012

Researchers at Duke University have found a possible link between IQ deterioration and smokingmarijuana at an early age.The study, which asserted that persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from adolescence to middle age, was published Aug. 27 in the Proceedings of the National Academyof Sciences.Lead author Madeline Meier said she focused on a 25-year-long study conducted in Dunedin, New Zealand. The study fo...

“Go ahead, ask away”

By The Columbia Chronicle

April 5, 2010

by Riley HughesGrowing up, I most certainly was one of those “what if …” kids. I would tirelessly conjure up elaborate scenarios and questions from the extreme depths of my imagination, all of which I would direct towards my father. Of course, more often than not, he wasn’t quite sure about what would happen if you fell in a hole that went from one side of the earth to the other, nor did he know the exact and curre...

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