The Columbia Chronicle

Protestors talk more than taxes

By Stephanie Saviola

April 19, 2010

On tax day, thousands of Tea Party protesters packed Daley Plaza shouting anti-government slogans and toting signs with phrases such as “tax is theft” and “taxes kill jobs.” Some even showed up in costume—one woman dressed as “Wonder Woman”—and several children in the crowd took part. One carried a sign that read: “Leave my piggy bank alone.”The new political movement, which had rallies throughout the count...

Poetry ‘Bomb’ blows attendees away

By Sean Stillmaker

March 16, 2009

Schools stretching across the state made their way to the Vic Theatre on March 8 for the final round of a fiercely fought poetry slam.Louder Than a Bomb, hosted by Young Chicago Authors, is Chicago’s largest team-based youth poetry competition and this year had the largest turnout in its nine-year history. The slam was also filmed by HBO and will be a part of a seven-episode series airing on April 5.“It sort of exploded and...

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