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As Election Day gets closer, experts weigh in on the legitimate threats to voting and scare tactics used in campaigns.

MoCP virtual panel explains the indicators of voter suppression

October 12, 2020

As Election Day creeps closer, voters, politicians and pundits speak increasingly of voter suppression and voter fraud. At a recent panel discussion at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, experts ...

Chicago ‘traps’ rap stigmas

By Trevor Ballanger

December 3, 2012

When hypnotic beats are entangled with the menacing ebb and flow of murderous lyrics, popular music can become a danger to society. One might even call this kind of music a trap.Rap music has been plagued by stigmas since its start in the ’70s, later gaining momentum and becoming one of the most influential genres in popular music.According to Michael Kolar, owner of SoundScape Studios, a Chicago-based recording company...

Election results already under scrutiny

By Tyler Davis

November 6, 2012

Lately, we’ve been hearing that the results of today’s election may be so contested that the election won’t be decided by the end of the night, or even a few days after. Claims of voter fraud and questionable polling practices are already popping up.As of 10:20 a.m., the election fraud hotline 1-866-OUR-VOTE has received more than 26,000 calls, according to a tweet from the hotline. Various voting problems are being...

A look at the “ugly Christmas sweater” phenomenon

By Brian Dukerschein

December 5, 2011

Maybe your grandmother has been on to something all along.The tacky Christmas sweater, once a holiday punch line as familiar as fruitcake, has become an ironic Yuletide staple fostered by an increasing number of themed parties and specialty retailers servicing the demand for this oft-maligned garment.“I think that around the holidays, people are just looking to have a good time,” said Clarissa Trujillo, owner of the Chic...

Voter restrictions purely political move

By Matt Watson

November 7, 2011

Those wily Republicans are at it again. The GOP had a good two years, taking control of state governments across the nation, as well as the House of Representatives. They’ve also successfully hijacked the national mood, making working-class citizens believe that cutting taxes for the wealthy will somehow help them. I won’t lie—I’m actually impressed and a little jealous that progressives haven’t implemented this sort...

Every voter can be a poll watcher

By Editorial Board

November 1, 2010

From a reputed 10,000 deceased Chicago voters casting ballots for John F. Kennedy in 1960 to two election workers being convicted of fraud in spring 2010 for violating voter privacy by collecting ballots, it’s no surprise “vote early, vote often” has become our facetious motto. The city is infamous for voter fraud. Stories of dead voters, double voters and ballots sent to family pets have circulated so much that voter ...

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