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REVIEW: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’  raises bar for other musicals

REVIEW: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ raises bar for other musicals

February 15, 2019

There isn’t aneasy way to review a show that picks at your brain the way “Dear Evan Hansen” does. Between the score and the script, a 500-word article does not quite do the six-time Tony-winning...

Chechnya gay camp cannot be tolerated in 2017


By Ariel Parrella-Aureli

April 24, 2017

Disturbing reports have surfaced that approximately 100 men in Chechnya, Russia, who are suspected of being gay are being imprisoned in a torture concentration camp in Argun, according to an April 3 ar...

Emanuel calls for unfair graduation demands

By Editorial Board

April 17, 2017

As if Chicago public high school students don’t have enough to worry about, they now may have to find a way to put together a post-high school plan before they can receive a diploma. Mayor Rahm Emaunel announced April 5 that he wants CPS students to show proof of acceptance into college, the military, a trade or “gap-year” program, a job program, full-time employment or have a job offer letter before being allowed to...

Human rights advocates needed now more than ever

Turns out, you can pick your family

By Arabella Breck

February 20, 2017

Because of drastic human rights concerns around the world, the U.N. Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner presented its largest appeal ever—$253 million for 2017, according to a Feb. 15 article...

Mental health support needed before adulthood

Mental health support needed before adulthood

By Brooke Pawling Stennett

February 6, 2017

Many actors long for the same success Emma Stone achieved after her 2010 film “Easy A” garnered a widespread fanbase and critical acclaim. Stone said in a Jan. 26 The Hollywood Reporter interview tha...

Wake up world, 2017 is coming

Children are not to blame  in child marriages

By Arabella Breck

December 12, 2016

At the end of 2015, the Economist created its 30th edition of "The World in 2016," a publication full of expert predictions on what the year would hold. Now, as 2016 comes to a close, "The World in 201...

'Siri, do everything!' The future of the interconnected world

‘Siri, do everything!’ The future of the interconnected world

November 28, 2016

Like something out of “WALL-E,” smart gadgets and gizmos are poised to invade every aspect of life, leaving some fearful of a dystopian nightmare and others excited for an automated future. While n...

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