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Smashed Plastic brings vinyl production to Chicago after 30 years

Smashed Plastic brings vinyl production to Chicago after 30 years

September 27, 2019

At Smashed Plastic Record Pressing, on the corner of Diversey and Tripp avenues, one steamless machine is the source of all the vinyl-making magic, which runs completely on a closed hot water system, the...

The EPitome of vinyl success

The EPitome of vinyl success

April 16, 2018

International Record Store Day offers vinyl aficionados an opportunity to salute those unique, beloved brick-and-mortar establishments immortalized in the day dreams of hipsters and fogies alike.The April 21 c...

Protests break out in Puerto Rico as frustration grows

Celebrity relationships are not our own

April 9, 2018

Celebrity couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum announced their split after nine years together in an April 2 joint Twitter post, shocking fans and triggering a flurry of rumors surrounding their r...

Harvey’s aftermath is a lesson in long-term support

By Editorial Board

September 11, 2017

Atefter its assault on Texas beginning Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey left a lifetime’s worth of ruin in its wake. Fifty lives were swept away by the storm’s wrath, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott estimated the storm caused up to $180 billion in damages. With at least 100,000 homes affected by the storm, some families don’t know when, if ever, they will be able to return home. Young adults, like those who make up Columbia’...

Cynthia Grunden, assistant vice president of Student Financial Services, said she encourages students to reach out to their state-level elected officials to solve the Monetary Award Program grant funding issues.

SFS reaches out to address student concerns

April 25, 2016

While students wait for Illinois government to fund delayed Monetary Award Program grants, Columbia’s office of Student Financial Services is readying new financial advising services to help student...

Student Financial Services wants to create a friendlier approach to eliminate its “doctor’s office” feel, according to Christine Tvedt, manager of Outreach and Education at the Office of Student Financial Services.

SFS to work more closely with students on financial plans

April 18, 2016

The Office of Student Financial Services will launch a series of programs later this year designed to promote financial literacy.The office plans to launch a peer coaching program with the help of American Stu...

From left, Madalyn Garcia, Karissa Talanian and Hanna Hazard make up the punk band Lil Tits and plan to release a full-length album by the end of the year on vinyl with a tour following.

Lil Tits lets ‘Freak Flag’ fly

February 1, 2016

With vocals nearly as loud and intense as its backing instruments, Chicago band Lil Tits is fighting “girl band” stereotypes. The group’s signature punk sound has been described as everything from “...

The Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Illinois college students may be forced to drop out

February 1, 2016

College students across Illinois may face an academic halt if Gov. Bruce Rauner refuses to pass the education bill that would allow students who rely on state-funded aid to continue their education.  Col...

Tim Unsell (right) said he and Drew Mitchell (left) wanted to keep the store simple, so they could let the product shine.

Pilsen’s new 606 Records spins unknown artists

November 2, 2015

Many Chicagoans share a fondness for underground music labels, and Pilsen’s newest record store, 606 Records, 1808 S. Allport St., offers a new place to find those records.The record store opened on O...

Wicker Park’s iconic record store, Reckless Records, opened up shop at a new, spacious storefront on April 16.

Reckless Records finds new home in spacious storefront

May 4, 2015

Music flows through the new, spacious storefront location of Reckless Records at 1379 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. The new store, which sells new and used records, moved a coupl...

Vinyl toy artistry makes way to United States

The “Bat Bear,” a customized vinyl bear champ toy, is a collaboration between artists JC Rivera and Leecifer. customized vinyl Bear Champ toy

By Arts & Culture Reporter

March 30, 2015

When it comes to trends, it may seem like the U.S. is at the forefront of the scene, but that is not the case when it comes to vinyl toy art.Vinyl toys have been one of the most popular art forms in Japan...

Tape collectors keepin’ it reel

By Arts & Culture Reporter

January 26, 2015

Walking into a local thrift shop, a casual shopper may pass an old cassette player and a stack of tapes and think nothing of it. In 1975, when boomboxes featuring cassette decks were introduced to U.S. consumers, the cassette became the go-to source for portable music listening until being all but completely phased out by CDs in the mid-’80s. Although still a popular medium for alternative music junkies, it seems like the cassette...

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