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Folk musician Hawley Shoffner discusses her new album

By Brian Dukerschein

September 19, 2011

In a crowded field of musical acts, it seems Hawley Shoffner, 24, can’t help but stand out. For her third performance as a solo artist, the singer-songwriter won the 2008 Farmer’s Ball, a battle of the bands competition in her native Wichita, Kan. After moving to Chicago in 2010, Shoffner found a job crafting clever puns as a staff writer for Groupon. While performing at numerous venues around the city, she met Alex and...

A tasty foreign mess

By The Columbia Chronicle

April 12, 2010

Every summer of my youth I would visit my grandparents in Birmingham, England. In addition to the extremely competitive games of Scrabble between my grandmother and I, one of the things I looked forward to most was her traditional British cooking.To make enough Eton Mess to feed four, you need 20 ounces of full-fat whipping cream or extra heavy cream; 1/4 cup of water; 2 tablespoons of orange juice; 1 1/2 pounds of fresh str...

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