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OPINION: America doesn’t need that $1,000

OPINION: America doesn’t need that $1,000

February 21, 2019

What if everyone in America—from the Mark Zuckerbergs of the nation to the nice homeless guys who sit in front of Starbucks—received $1,000 from the federal government every month? It sounds l...

VA glitch causes missed payments

VA glitch causes missed payments

December 10, 2018

Senior advertising major Tim Brutsman served in the Marine Corps from 2008-2016. He and his wife are expecting their first child.  He plans to graduate in May, but he may have to do so without money he w...

Veteran suicide is an acute problem

Selena Cotte

By Opinions Editor

October 3, 2016

Only about one-third of all calls made to the Veteran’s Affairs suicide hotline in New York City are answered, according to Greg Hughes—the former crisis line director—in an email sent to the call...

 Christopher the Conquered is scheduled to perform at The Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia Ave., June 16 to support his first full-length album

Christopher ‘Conquered’ first full-length album

May 9, 2016

Iowa native Christopher Ford began writing music 10 years ago as a way to express emotional experiences.Known for his boisterous, comedic and improvisational live performances and raw lyrics, Ford—better-known as Ch...

Meals at home

By TaylorGleason

November 23, 2009

Professional chefs and self-taught connoisseurs collide with their array of tips and tricks for home cooking on what has become to be known as “food blogs.”One such food blogger, Andrea Newberry, is a Columbia grad whose online journal of recipes and photographed meals is blogged from her home in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood.Newberry’s blog Forkable encourages others to give cooking a try, if not for fun,...


Poetry that soothes the soul

October 20, 2008

One Chicago writer is helping war veterans cope with the tension caused by trauma experienced during military duty.Kathleen Nesbitt, a certified Poetry Therapist, is offering a 16-week workshop that aids in helping veter...

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