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Let the shenanigans begin: St. Patrick's Day attracts crowds of underage drinkers

Let the shenanigans begin: St. Patrick’s Day attracts crowds of underage drinkers

March 15, 2019

A young woman with tears streaming down her face leaned over a trash can to heave once more, throwing up the alcohol she consumed earlier that morning. Passersby equally intoxicated ignored the gi...

Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler

Notable Native: Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler

May 4, 2015

From working in public office to creating a dress made completely out of McDonald’s gift cards, Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler has done it all. During her 15-year career in the public relations field, she worked for...

Alderman Edward Burke (14th Ward) is seeking to ban the sale of Palcohol, powdered alcohol, in Chicago this summer with an ordinance he proposed May 18. 

Palcohol may be available for sale in Chicago this summer

April 6, 2015

While powdered alcohol could conceivably be sold in Chicago this summer, legislators, mirroring the concerns of health professionals, are working to keep this from happening. The state legislature is con...

Metra plans to launch an app early this summer to make ticket payment easier, by allowing riders to purchase tickets on smartphones and other devices, as well as add transit value to Ventra accounts, according to a Jan. 23 Metra press release. Metra is test-running the app before its release to catch any technical glitches.

Metra goes mobile with app payment method

March 2, 2015

Metra is scheduled to release a mobile ticket-purchasing system early this summer, allowing riders to pay from their smartphones and other mobile devices. To promote the upcoming app, Metra is increa...

Dry campus a wet blanket

By Editorial Board

February 16, 2015

Columbia proudly touts itself as a “dry campus”—drinking, possessing or distributing alcohol is strictly prohibited on campus and at college-sponsored events held off campus, unless the college’s administration approves otherwise. While the college’s dry campus policy means well, it is a laughable and barely enforceable policy at best.The Chronicle in no way condones underage drinking or providing alcohol to minors...

Harsh fake ID penalties excessive

By Editorial Board

October 13, 2014

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White launched a campaign on Oct. 1 to raise awareness among individuals under 21 about the harsh penalties surrounding the use of fake government-issued identification in Illinois.If convicted of using a fake ID, potential consequences include one-year suspension of a driver’s license, fines of $500–$25,000 and one to three years in prison. As part of the campaign, White is traveling ...

Alcoholic Youth Pt. 1: Anonymous Interviews | The Columbia Chronicle

September 30, 2014

Alcoholic Youth Pt. 1: Anonymous Interviews brings awareness about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption in college students, through personal testimonies and statistics.Video By: Christian D. H...

Convocation 2014

Budget concerns influence personnel

September 2, 2014

In an effort to reduce a potential budget shortfall, seven full-time and three part-time staff members from several departments were terminated Aug. 21–25, according to an emailed statement from Steve Kauffman, senior director of public relations. The terminations are the latest ...

Drinking age still cause for debate

Drinking age still cause for debate

March 10, 2014

For nearly a century, the U.S. has heavily regulated alcohol for fear of excessive consumption, sparking controversy about what the appropriate drinking age is.While some want to lower the legal age, which ...

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