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Chris Visconti

Athlete Profile: Chris Visconti

February 24, 2014

Chris Visconti grew up in Chicago, where he started playing tennis 38 years ago. He continued his career through college, playing Division I tennis at Southern Illinois University and going on to play p...

Wisconsin elects first openly gay Senator

By Tyler Davis

November 6, 2012

Democrat Tammy Baldwin won a Senate seat in Wisconsin, making her the first openly-gay Senator in U.S. history, according to Slate online magazine.Another important Senate race has been declared, this time in Massachusetts. Democrat Elizabeth Warren will be the first woman Senator for the state after besting incumbent Scott Brown in the most expensive Senate race of this election cycle.  Elizabeth Warren has received a l...

More money makes people act unethically

By Gabrielle Rosas

March 5, 2012

The divide between social classes in America is once again deepening in a way that has the 99 percent pitted against the top 1 percent of the financial pyramid. The Occupy Wall Street movement brought people from all walks of life together so they could face what they considered true evil: the rich. The rich, with their fancy cars, caviar and wads of cash, have become a symbol of what it truly means to be detestable.A new stud...

Free speech opens debate

By Editorial Board

October 3, 2011

Controversy erupted at the University of California, Berkeley, on Sept. 27 when the school’s College Republicans group held a bake sale selling cookies and cakes where prices were determined by race and gender. Whites were charged $2, Asians $1.50, Latinos $1, African-Americans $0.75 and Native-Americans $0.25. Women of any race got $0.25 off of the original price.The bake sale was designed to protest a bill in the Calif...

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