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Governor-elect Bruce Rauner spoke on the night of Nov. 4 after a decisive victory over incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn.

Tactical reevaluation: Black, Hispanic communities lean more Republican in midterms

December 1, 2014

Gil Walker has worn a lot of hats throughout the years: Chicago Housing Authority liaison, U.S. Census Bureau representative, Chatham YMCA director, community basketball coach and personal coach to Michael ...

Divvy creates annual student discount rate

October 20, 2014

Divvy announced Oct. 6 that it will apply a student discount to its annual subscription for students at Columbia College, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois at Chicago and other Chicago-area colleges.Divvy, Chicago’s bike sharing service, has given college students discounted rates in recent years and is complementing an even larger discount with a $55 annua...

Mend transit board without merger

April 14, 2014

A state task force recommended March 31 that the Regional Transportation Authority be abolished and that Metra, Pace and the Chicago Transit Authority’s administrations be merged. Although the city’s transit agencies need a swift reality check, a larger agency would only replace one clumsy bureaucracy with another.The task force highlighted six major problems with the current transit agencies, including rampant corrup...

Businesses taken to ‘El-evated’ heights

By Will Hager

January 28, 2013

With more than half a million rail-riders daily, the Chicago Transit Authority is seeking to attract businesses to set up shop in its station storefronts to enticecommuting customers.As a part of an $86 million initiative to rehabilitate six Red Line stations, the CTA began marketing renovated retail spaces at the Argyle, Granville and Morse stops on Jan. 16. The three renovated stops account for 10 of the 20 available stor...

Paper Arrows hit target

By Sophia Coleman

December 5, 2011

Chicago indie rock band Paper Arrows has been on a rapid course to widespread fame since its members first met in winter 2007. With three full length albums out—Joe Goodkin, guitar and lead vocalist; Jay Moreno, bass and background vocals; Darien Garvey, drummer and producer; and recent addition, Drew Scalercio, on keyboard—the band has worked on developing a cohesive, marketable sound.The band’s authentic use of backg...

Chicago communities “smokeout” crime

By Sophia Coleman

November 28, 2011

Fighting crime never tasted so good.By serving up hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetarian-friendly grilled goods, the Bridgeport, Canaryville and Back of the Yards communities are taking a different approach to battling crime and gang activity.These barbeque get-togethers, called “smokeouts,” usually take place in front of drug dealers’ homes or in known gang territory. Community groups, like the Bridgeport Citizens Gro...

Recycling refashioned

By Samuel Charles

March 28, 2011

Columbia’s focus on sustainability has increased in recent years with the hosting of the annual GreenTown Conference and efforts to raise awareness of the college’s recycling program. But now, with a new exhibit on display at the A+D Gallery, 619 S. Wabash Ave. Building, Columbia students are exploring the idea of reusing materials to create art.The “Zero Waste: Fashion Re-Patterned” gallery, on display until April 1...

On the way to Little Village

By Darryl Holliday

October 11, 2010

The Little Village community has been without a direct bus line to downtown for more than 10 years.The neighborhood’s No. 31 bus route was eliminated in 1997 when Congress slashed nationwide transit operation funds due to budget cuts.The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization hopes to change that. The organization first proposed a new route in 2008 after speaking withcommunity membersAccording to Michael Pitula, pub...

Adding a touch of Green, Pink to West Loop

By Michael Ranieri

September 7, 2010

The lives of West Loop residents living and working between Ashland Avenue and Clinton Street are to be brightened by a shorter walk come mid-2012.The Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Department of Transportation are collaborating to bring citizens more stops along the Green and Pink el lines. Local businesses around the site said they are looking forward to increased business activity and residential growth, but some of...

Non rush-hour riders feel effects of CTA cuts most

By Patrick Smith

February 15, 2010

Ten minutes after 10 p.m. on Feb. 10, the speakers on the westbound Fullerton Avenue bus carried a familiar message: "On February 7, 41 bus routes had their run-times cut, and 119 buses and seven train lines had services reduced. Please allow for additional travel time," the speaker said to the passengers on the standing-room-only No. 74.However, the riders did not need a reminder. People who use public transit at night or...

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