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Lead-contaminated water found citywide, what’s next?

Lead-contaminated water found citywide, what’s next?

April 23, 2018

A finding of high levels of lead in Chicago tap water, reported in an investigative study by the Chicago Tribune on April 13, has alarmed residents and led city officials to propose solutions to what is e...

Female athletes need their time in the spotlight

Female athletes need their time in the spotlight

April 14, 2018

Female athletes are included in halls of fame and are instrumental to sports history, yet their athletic ability is sometimes questioned and their talents are often hidden.In an April 5 practice session, ...

Ballot mishaps at primaries highlight third party struggle

Ballot mishaps at primaries highlight third party struggle

By Savannah Eadens

April 1, 2018

As the votes from the 2018 primary elections are finalized this week, the Illinois Green Party has brought attention to the challenges third party political groups often face.The Illinois Green Party cri...

COIN embraces mid-20s’ ‘growing pains’

COIN embraces mid-20s’ ‘growing pains’

February 26, 2018

COIN is an example of the value of connections made in college. Belmont University classmates Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, Joe Memmel and Zach Dyke teamed up in 2013 after Memmel and Lawrence took a musi...

Study: Chicago South, West sides feel misrepresented in media

Study: Chicago South, West sides feel misrepresented in media

February 8, 2018

In Chicago’s South Side, residents know the crime statistics and have become accustomed to images of mothers crying in the street with yellow tape around the crime scene, said Mary Datcher, managing ed...

Ex-DNAinfo reporters discuss closure, future

Ex-DNAinfo reporters discuss closure, future

By Jackie Murray

November 27, 2017

Jessica Cabe moved across the country from Aspen, Colorado to Chicago in September to take her dream job. Just two months later, she and all her coworkers found themselves unemployed when the beloved hype...

Activism shown during ‘VMAs’ should not be temporary

Grammy nominees show improvement in award diversity

By Ariana Portalatin

September 5, 2017

Although social media labeled the 2017 MTV "Video Music Awards" as dull and more boring than previous years, politics and activism took center stage. Many celebrities took the opportunity at the Aug. 27 awards...

Tribune endorses worst possible choice

Abby Lee Hood

By Copy Chief

October 10, 2016

The Chicago Tribune’s recent endorsement of Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, in lieu of another candidate is the most irresponsible decision a newspaper has made this election cycle. T...

Critics of campus activism ignoring root of student demonstrations

By Editorial Board

November 23, 2015

Students at the University of Missouri, Yale University, Ithaca College and Claremont McKenna College have made national headlines for organizing protests  to address systemic racism and administrative indifference or abuse on their respective campuses.The students who have organized demonstrations have been heavily criticized by the media. TIME Magazine chided them in a Nov. 17  article titled “The New Millennial ‘Mo...

Fashion studies students create candy couture

A dress made entirely of SweeTARTS wrappers is on display at the Candyality museum, 835 N. Michigan Ave., 7th Floor.

By Lauren Kostiuk

November 9, 2015

Five Fashion Studies students were selected as finalists in Candyality’s first-everUnconventional Candy Wrapper Dress Competition. The competition, sponsored by Water Tower Place, will display students’ final designs...

2014’s six best albums bring chill vibes and dance-worthy beats

By Managing Editor

December 8, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, the time has come to reflect on the year’s many album releases.This year will go down in history as the one in which Obamacare went into effect, same-sex marriage was legal in Illinois and pop star Taylor Swift made a big move to New York. As the nation saw many changes and periods of both widespread disappointment and growth, so did the music industry.The following are some of the best albums ...

Wrongful birth lawsuit perpetrates racist ideals

By Maria Castellucci Opinions Editor

October 20, 2014

For most parents, the first glimpse of their newborn baby is one of the most joyous moments of their life.However, a white Ohio couple was surprised when their artificially inseminated newborn turned out to be racially mixed.Jennifer Cramblett is suing Midwest Sperm Bank in Downers Grove, Illinois, after giving birth to a biracial child, alleging the clinic gave her sperm vials from a black donor despite specifically requ...

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