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The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center, 1957 S. Spaulding Ave., holds the opening night of its exhibit “Survivors of Trauma” Friday, Oct. 4.

Survivors of trauma ‘make something beautiful out of tragedy’

October 8, 2019

Sharon Burrink stands before her neatly-framed work with a sense of accomplishment. Hanging around the artist and teacher in a small, cluttered room are dozens of art pieces with themes of trauma and h...

Doctors should prepare patients for post-treatment troubles

By Brandon Smith

November 19, 2012

Even when Cancer treatment is a “success,” a survivor’s life is often never the same.A recent study funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than one-third of 12.6 million cancer survivors will have physical or mental health problems post-treatment. A report of the study said it is estimated that 3.3 million survivors have poor physical health an...

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