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New Title IX regulations create concerns, but Columbia students 'will be supported'

New Title IX regulations create concerns, but Columbia students ‘will be supported’

August 19, 2020

In May, the U.S. Department of Education issued final regulations on how colleges should respond to allegations of sexual harassment under Title IX, and now Columbia is adapting to the changes. As r...

Sam Kirk, a 2005 Columbia alumna, first had this mural exhibited as a part of a Pride installation in New York.

Columbia alumna displays vibrant multi-racial LGBTQ+ murals

June 30, 2020

A Black woman with pink, curly hair stands powerfully behind the backdrop of the transgender Pride flag, reminding Chicagoans that authentic queer representation includes Black, Indigenous and peopl...

Comedy Majors Eryn Burnett (left) and Nathan Hatfield (right) host a fundraiser livestream to raise money and support for Brave Space Alliance's Trans Relief Fund to provide economic relief payments for transgender, non-binary and intersex individuals.

‘Something Like a Livestream’ virtual fundraiser helps trans community impacted by the pandemic

June 26, 2020

While working together on the podcast "Something Like a Brother," senior comedy writing and performance majors Eryn Burnett and Nathan Hatfield found the transgender community has been especially affec...

Brandwagoning: Black Lives Matter movement is not a commodity or aesthetic for branding purposes — opinion

Brandwagoning: Black Lives Matter movement is not a commodity or aesthetic for branding purposes — opinion

June 15, 2020

Influencers and corporate brands have used protests for the Black Lives Matter movement as a live backdrop for photo opportunities, in some cases attempting to profit off of black culture rather ...

Organizations not thrilled with new CPD license plate readers

Organizations not thrilled with new CPD license plate readers

January 28, 2019

A new program that allows the police to scan license plates and digitally track their data, to help combat the city's high numbers of carjackings, has come under fire by nonprofit groups that are worr...

OPINION: ‘Just leave’ logic harms survivors

‘Just leave’ logic harms survivors

By Bridget Ekis

January 20, 2019

There were 42,924 domestic violence survivors in Illinois in 2018, according to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence.Even with the Me Too movement present in our culture, society still does not ...

Building a Better Workplace

By Sponsored Content

March 29, 2018

The more I read about the #metoo movement and the culture of harassment and assault that exists in our workplaces and schools, the more upset I become. I worry about graduating and joining the working world, because I know that workplaces all over the country have problems with misconduct. But I also want to make a difference and combat the problem. What can we--and I, specifically--do to change the culture and build a better work...

Faculty Senate met Nov. 11 to discuss how to support students struggling with election outcomes and progress made on the Graduate School proposal.

Senators discuss politics in classrooms, graduate school progress

November 14, 2016

Columbia’s Faculty Senate met for the first time following the presidential election, at which  the top of the agenda was how the college will support students struggling with the results. Greg Foster-Rice, Faculty Senate president and associate professor in the Photography Depa...

Astronomer ties art inspiration to cosmological data

By Campus Reporter

September 26, 2016

An immense telescope being built in the Cerro Pachón Mountains of Chile, which will house the world’s largest digital camera and gather about 20 terabytes of data per night, was the subject of a colloquium arranged by the Science & Mathematics Department Sept. 21.The main functions of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope outlined in the presentation, held at the Ferguson Auditorium in the 600 S. Michigan Ave. Buildi...

The office of Student Health and support created a stronger conversation about mental health with the Feb. 23 session on suicide awareness and prevention. 

Student Health encourages students to discuss mental health

February 26, 2016

A Feb. 23 suicide awareness session garnered scant attendance from students, faculty and staff, but the Office of Student Health and Support is working to create new methods to raise awareness about s...

Community program wards off crime in Uptown

By Jordan Watkins

December 14, 2015

Despite colder temperatures and neighborhood political issues, some Uptown residents are still taking to the streets to combat the neighborhood's crime.The Positive Loitering initiative, which came to Uptown in 2009, involves community members who gather at local street corners or walk through parks to deter criminals in those areas.“It’s a very simple program,” said Uptown resident Richard Thale, who coordinates th...

Taylor Martin

Featured Athlete: Taylor Martin

February 2, 2015

Taylor Martin, a freshman journalism major who plays center field and catcher for the Renegades, picked up a baseball at the age of two and fell in love with the sport. An avid follower of the Chicago Cubs ...

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