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It’s a bird, it’s a plane,  it’s ingrained gender roles

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ingrained gender roles

September 12, 2016

She is an Amazonian demigoddess with abilities to rival Superman’s, but Wonder Woman has always been a second-class citizen in the superhero world. Even when she made her comic book debut in the 1940s, she...

Halloween takes over comedic show

October 26, 2015

Columbia’s comedy club, known as 5C, hosted a comedic stand-up show at the Sherwood Community Music School, 1312 S. Michigan Ave. on October 22, 2015. At the open mic event, comedians performed in their Hall...

Proposed video game law unconstitutional, unnecessary

By Luke Wilusz

November 15, 2010

The U.S. Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association on Nov. 2. The case is a dispute concerning a 2005 California bill that would make it illegal to sell certain violent video games to individuals under the age of 18. The U.S. District Court for Northern California and the U.S. Court of Appeals struck the law down on the basis of violating the First Amendment but th...

Flying is believing

By The Columbia Chronicle

October 12, 2009

The battle between fact and faith is present in any human’s mind. Now and then, we all doubt faith because of fact and we may even deny the facts when they conflict with our faith. Both facts and faith are learned throughout our lives. There is no such thing as a “built in” conception of fact and faith. We learn our faith through our family and friends, while our knowledge of facts develops with life experience and ed...

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