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For Marin Brablec's (right) senior-year music and composition project, he is putting on a comedy musical about male firemen who are strippers along with the help of senior cinema art and science major Corbin Eaton (left).

Students bring the ‘HEAT’ with comedy musical

November 15, 2019

During his sophomore year of high school, Martin Brablec had the idea for a comedy musical he said would “push a lot of lines.” Now, in his senior year of college, alongside senior cinema art and science ...

Strip club tax would perpetuate stereotypes about men and women

By Gabrielle Rosas

March 12, 2012

Unless you’re highballing in Las Vegas, strip clubs are usually gross, seedy places that are best avoided. Something about women feigning sexual interest in a man for money is not my idea of quality entertainment. But such is the way of the adult entertainment industry.A new statewide proposal would require strip clubs that sell alcohol or allow patrons to bring their own to pay $5 admission tax for each customer, with a po...

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