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Artists illustrate creative ways to display work during campus panel

October 5, 2018

Stickers of a Buddha character with punk-rock features can be found scattered across the Chicagoland area. Junior cinema art and science major Xzavier Weed created this character, which has gained attention from  artists worldwide, he said, during a “On & Off the Walls...

Group of students from Morgan Park Academy spend day at Forced From Home Exhibit on Sep. 23.

‘Forced From Home’ exhibit highlights refugee experience

October 5, 2018

Members of Doctors Without Borders hosted an exhibit at the Richard J. Daley Center to show the growing struggles of displaced people by allowing them to experience the journey through virtual reality an...

‘What’s The Deal With’ Pop Art?

February 1, 2016

Throughout the last 27 years, Bart Simpson has been many things. He was an Academy Award winner, boy-band sensation and even somehow managed to stay 10 years old the entire time.However, he was recently ab...

You Are Beautiful launches hotline art experiment

Matthew Hoffman, creator of the You Are Beautiful art campaign, came to  Columbia on Nov. 5 at the 623 S Wabash building to speak with students. He encourages people get involved by leaving a message on the hotline.


December 14, 2015

If one has a positive message they would like to share with the world, they can do so throughout December in a new art experiment hotline created by the You Are Beautiful art campaign in collaboration...

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