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Theodore Melfi and ‘St. Vincent:’ A Cinematic Labor of Love

By Brandon Howard

October 24, 2014

Theodore Melfi worked in Hollywood for 15 years before making his theatrical feature-length debut, “St. Vincent,” starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. After raising $800,000 on his own, the script bounced around Hollywood and eventually caught the attention of The Weinstein Company, which put $13 million into the film.The plot centers around Vince (Murray), a grumpy recluse with a gambling problem living in a low-i...

Alderman Fioretti running for mayor

Alderman Fioretti running for mayor

September 22, 2014

Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) made a formal public announcement at East-West University Sept. 13 that he will be running for mayor  of Chicago in February 2015.If elected, Fioretti said his main f...


Lorde Almighty

March 31, 2014

Under a twinkling night sky dusted with surreal clouds stands a miniature castle and a meek, doe-eyed Lorde, wearing an oversized blouse and suit pants, wailing above a pulsating beat to a crowd.“You cou...

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