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Jim DeRogatis uses his experience as a journalist and music critic to teach one of Columbia's

Jim DeRogatis receives Lifetime Achievement Award: ‘I’m not quite dead yet’

May 19, 2020

After receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, all Jim DeRogatis had on his mind was the next story he planned to write, the latest episode of Sound Opinions and the next great album to be released.  ...

PrePex protects

By Contributing Writer

February 27, 2012

by Emily Ornberg, contributing writerA new appliance as a simple as a rubber band holds the promise of dramatically lowering the rate of deaths by HIV infection. The device, called the PrePex, is used to carry out one of the world’s oldest surgical procedures, one that may help prevent HIV: male circumcision.The World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS recommended mass circumcision to African nations in ...

Cathy Santonies rock Chicago

By Brianna Wellen

January 31, 2011

Punk rock female band The Cathy Santonies have worked to prove they can play as well as the men—if not better—by bringing the riot grrrl sounds of underground culture to the forefront. Radio Santoni, on bass and lead vocals, and guitarist Mojo Santoni started as garage band singer/songwriters and hit their stride in the past year and a half when guitarist Jane Danger and drummer Chip completed their outfit.After playi...

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