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The Wind Rises

Miyazaki offers dark twist to outstanding career

March 10, 2014

Traditional animation is becoming unfashionable in the United States. Changing tastes have given rise to computer-generated films like the Oscar-winning “Frozen” in favor of Disney’s near-extin...

Senate reviewing password protection bill

By Tim Shaunnessey

April 30, 2012

It’s standard procedure to give potential employers a phone number or address, but should applicants be forced to give them access to their social networking accounts? House Bill 3782, currently under review by the Illinois Senate, would prevent potential employers from requesting or requiring applicants to divulge their private social networking passwords.The bill would serve as an amendment to the Right to Privacy in the ...

Campuses need to regulate how students’ data is used

By Editorial Board

April 23, 2012

Open data is common on social networks like Facebook, which tailors advertisements to users’ profile information. Now, a government campaign aims to help students use open data with the “MyData button,” similar to the “blue button” of health care. The application would allow students to download their own information in a readable format that could then be shared with third-party tech developers. The idea is that perso...

‘Cadaver’: An undead love story

By Trevor Ballanger

February 20, 2012

If there’s one thing a person should never do in a morgue, it’s sneak up on the living: You never know who could be holding a hacksaw. Waking up undead in a morgue, however, is a whole new territory.Director Jonah Ansell, an Oak Park native currently based in LA, explores just that in “Cadaver,” the new animated short film, based on his poem of the same name. Ansell collaborated with 15-year-old Chicago native and fash...

Social networking: Cupid or killer?

By BenitaZepeda

January 31, 2011

As each day goes by, it seems there are more ways to communicate, and technological advancements have reshaped the way humans function with one another. Whether it’s in a romantic, friendly or business relationship, many people are losing touch with real life.The Internet has even changed the way people date. Instead of meeting someone at a bar, coffee shop, book store or supermarket, people use online dating sites to meet...

Columbia helps students fight stress

By Katy Nielsen

December 13, 2010

De-stress seminars, counseling services and free massages are some ways Columbia helps students cope with stress before finals and the holidays.Jackie Sowinski-Hamlett, director of Counseling Services and a therapist at Columbia, said identifying triggers is the first step to managing stress.Students had the chance to talk about their end-of-the-semester stressors and triggers at a stress management workshop monitored by Sow...

The Dwight delights most residents

By Shardae Smith

October 11, 2010

As previously reported by The Chronicle on April 18, students have officially moved into The Dwight, 642 S. Clark St., after Columbia signed a five-year lease with the building  in spring 2010.The new housing option replaced housing in buildings 2 E. 8th St. and at the 18 E. Congress Pkwy. Building.Students who moved into The Dwight are generally pleased with the building and are taking advantage of the building’s ameniti...

Railroad bridge repairs postponed until spring

By Meghan Keyes

October 4, 2010

For Metra Union-Pacific North Line passengers, longer travel times and fewer trains were the rule after Metra began a construction project requiring it to function on a single track, causing delays and requiring the numbers of trains to be reduced.However, on Sept. 30 the whole project was postponed until spring 2011.Originally, Metra said to anticipate minor adjustments. When the adjusted timetable took effect on Aug. 22, commute...

Social networking: The end of real communication

By LauraNalin

November 23, 2009

When I was younger and postage stamps were still in fashion, girls from my circle of friends would send out chain letters. You had to send the letter to ten people and in turn, you would receive anything from little trinkets to a pair of socks in the mail.Once the age of the Internet arrived, I began to receive e-chain letters, which consisted of listing things such as your favorite songs or the name of your best friend, a...

League rules step on tweets by athletes

By JeffGraveline

October 5, 2009

Social media networks are exploding and athletes are jumping on the bandwagon. The only problem is that their leagues don’t want them to tweet too much.During the past several months, the National Basketball Association and National Football League have issued new rules to ensure that players, staff and league officials don’t tweet or update when they’re not supposed to.On Aug. 31, Mark Maske, NFL writer for the Washin...

New Friend Request … Columbia College

By Benita Zepeda

September 13, 2009

It’s the start of a new semester and after a week of figuring out classes and meeting new people, tech savvy students are trying to seek out their classmates on the popular social networking site Facebook. But names are often forgotten and remembering what class a new friend is in can be a hazy proposition. That is where Columbia College Chicago on Facebook comes in handy. This fall, Columbia became one of the f...

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