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Columbia’s “Skillshot” exhibit allows students and artists to play pinball and display work that shows the machines’ functions and  artistic value according to Mark Porter, exhibition coordinator. 

Campus gallery turns arcade into art

September 12, 2016

Pinball machines are shown as kinetic sculptures and installation pieces throughout Columbia’s exhibit “Skillshot,” which will be running Sept. 6–Nov. 5.The exhibit, held at the Glass Curtain Gallery in ...

‘Chic-A-Go-Go’ honors Bowie with dance party

“Chic-A-Go-Go,” a Chicago-based public access television show, paid tribute to David Bowie with a dance party on Feb. 13.

By Gretchen Adams Contributing Writer

February 22, 2016

Most ordinary people dream of being rock stars. But most rock stars dream of being David Bowie.Bowie, who died Jan. 10, leaves behind an out-of-this-world legacy and a tremendous sense of loss among his ad...

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