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College students struggle to afford food, federal report says

College students struggle to afford food, federal report says

February 4, 2019

As tuition rises, many college students struggle to afford basic necessities, such as food. A December 2018 report by the United States General Accountability Office analyzed data from 2016 and concl...

To create the illusion of being in multiple realities, Tarzian suspended some of his parents’ 80s furniture from the ceiling.

Pop-up bar turns patrons ‘Upside Down’

September 5, 2017

“Stranger Things” fans can visit the topsy-turvy world of “The Upside Down” at the latest Emporium pop-up bar in Logan Square throughout September before the October Season 2 release.The bar, 236...

Approximately seven students shared their concerns with college administrators and faculty about the recently proposed department merges during a Feb. 21 student forum.

Students voice concerns at sparse proposal forum

February 27, 2017

During a student forum for feedback on proposed departmental mergers, senior cinema art and science major Lorenzo Leyva questioned whether it would be beneficial to combine the Cinema Art and Science and Television departments. “I acknowledge that TV is evolving into a more cinema...

Majors, programs merged in School of Media Arts proposal

By Ariana Portalatin, Campus Editor

February 21, 2017

Proposals to merge several departments and programs were recently announced for the School of Media Arts in response to student input regarding obstacles to interdisciplinary study, according to a Feb. 7 email from Dean Eric Freedman. According to the emailed announcement to students, the departmental mergers currently would be scheduled to begin in the Fall 2017 Semester and include consolidation of the Communication...

Ben Helphand, a featured panelist at This Land/That Land: Resistance in and Around Nature’s Metropolis, has helped create 111 gardens around the city.

City’s empty lots become flourishing gardens

February 6, 2017

Chicago’s many vacant lots, created by demolished buildings on abandoned property, blight the urban landscape, but thanks to community gardening initiatives, an increasing number are now offering residen...

Ethnomusicologist teaches Mexican history through music | The Columbia Chronicle

October 17, 2016

Retired ethnomusicologist Jesús Negrete stopped by Collins Hall in the 624 S. Michigan Ave. Building to teach students Mexican History through music.Negrete presented his “corridos” along with im...

Disney star transforms into gay porn star in new biopic

Justin Kelly (director, writer) and Garrett Clayton (actor) appear at the film's screening at the Reeling Film Festival that highlights international LGBTQ+ movies. Landmark Theatre, 2828 N. Clark St. Sept. 29.


October 17, 2016

When “King Cobra” director Justin Kelly first learned that Garrett Clayton used to be a Disney Channel actor, he said he assumed Clayton would not fit the movie’s gay porn star lead role. But Kelly...

Students’ services affected by department cuts

Students’ services affected by department cuts

By Campus Reporter

September 26, 2016

Department budget cuts caused reductions to staff and cuts to student services in the Television, Art & Art History, Design and Photography departments.According to Sharon Ross, interim chair of th...

From alleyways to galleries

By Arts & Culture Editor

March 14, 2016

A crumpled bag of Cheetos, some balled-up t-shirts and maybe a PlayStation. In the mess of a student’s dirty dorm room, one icon shines through the clutter: a concert poster from a favorite band.“The concert poster represents a tangible connection to part of their identity,” said Dan MacAdam, illustrator and founder of Crosshair Silkscreen Printing and Design. “They can put it up in their room and display it to their frie...

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