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Wabash Lights public art test kick off on Feb. 4 at the corner of Wabash and Monroe.

Alumnus illuminates Wabash el tracks

February 8, 2016

Wabash Avenue is home to a plethora of restaurants, shops and, not least, Columbia’s campus. Very little sunshine pierces through the gloomy elevated tracks that span the street, but they have just bri...

Rebirth makes people feel sexy in their own skin

Rebirth Garments is a clothing line created by Sky Cubacub to make people feel more comfortable with who they are. The line includes apparel for transgender or gender nonconforming people as well as disabled people, but Cubacub said anyone is welcome to wear the company’s clothing.


December 7, 2015

For people who are gender nonconforming, finding clothing that fits properly and makes them feel comfortable can be difficult. To help, Sky Cubacub created the Rebirth Garments clothing line.Cubacub s...

Illinois could be next to recognize gay marriage

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

December 10, 2012

Although same-sex couples can’t marry in Illinois, Chicago scored 95 out of 100 for LGBT-friendliness on the new Municipal Equality Index published Nov. 27 by the Human Rights Campaign.The MEI scores cities based on a list of 47 criteria under six broad categories, including “nondiscrimination laws,” “relationship recognition by the city” and “municipality as employer,” according to Paul Guequierre, the HRC’s dep...

Chicago Food Film Festival returns

By Brian Dukerschein

November 14, 2011

Chicago hosts numerous film festivals, but only one allows attendees to eat what they see.The Chicago Food Film Festival is returning for a second year, from Nov. 18–20, but this time with a full program of events and several locally-produced shorts and documentaries.According to Chicago Food Film Festival’s Executive Producer Seth Unger, the idea behind the festival is to showcase films—mostly documentaries and narra...

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