The Columbia Chronicle

Vegan brunch skillet

By A.J. Abelman

April 25, 2011

For those who are new to the idea of a vegan lifestyle, serving vegan food seems daunting, difficult, tasteless and boring. However, most vegan dishes are anything but. This “scramble” is simple to make, high in protein and delicious, whether you’re feeding a house full of hung-over friends or cooking up a Sunday snack.Having fresh vegetables is key, and it is best to buy from small produce stores or “off the truck” ...

AlertWave notification system a work in progress

By CiaraShook

March 1, 2010

An alarm sounded Feb. 18 in campus buildings including the 33 E. Congress Parkway Building and the Music Center, 1014 S. Michigan Ave. Students, faculty and staff, confused by the tone, left the buildings.What they were actual hearing was a test of the AlertWave system, adopted by the college in late 2008. Bob Koverman, associate vice president of Campus Safety and security, who joined Columbia’s administration last spring...

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