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Rosita Sands was selected as dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Faculty and students weigh in on the appointment of ‘new’ dean Rosita Sands

February 20, 2020

With nearly 20 years of experience at the college, leadership skills and a focus on integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into the curriculum, Rosita Sands was selected as dean of the School of Fine an...

Dean candidates discuss their vision for the School of Fine and Performing Arts

Dean candidates discuss their vision for the School of Fine and Performing Arts

January 21, 2020

After more than a year of an interim dean in the School of Fine and Performing Arts, the college is conducting an internal search for a permanent replacement. The role was formerly occupied by Onye Ozuzu...

Rosita Sands promoted to interim dean for the School of Fine and Performing Arts

By Blaise Mesa, Managing Editor

June 22, 2018

The college announced Music Department Chair Rosita Sands has been named interim dean for School of Fine and Performing Arts, according to a June 20 email sent to faculty and staff from President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim. Sands will replace Onye Ozuzu, who accepted a position at the College of the Arts at University of Florida, Gainesville, last month, as reported May 30 by The Chronicle. In her 18 years at Columbia, Sands...

Matthew Shenoda, Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will step down from his position July 15 to join the Rhode Island School of Design as Vice President of Social Equity and Inclusion.

College plans next steps after dean departures

June 19, 2018

Following announcements of the departure of two deans in one week, the college is preparing to make changes in its school leadership and curriculum to continue Strategic Plan initiatives. T...

Arrangements for Rejoicing in Romance

By Sponsored Content

June 14, 2018

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 1-year anniversary together. Yay! I want to get him a gift, and I want to keep it small (because we live in dorms) but tasteful. I’ve looked through all sorts of ideas, but I want something out-of-the-ordinary that would make a good anniversary gift. Any suggestions? Anniversary gifts can be tricky, especially for a first anniversary. As a college student, whole taxonomies of gifts won’t...

Higher taxes called on to drive city improvements

Higher taxes called on to drive city improvements

October 30, 2017

Chicagoans Could soon be seeing increased fees when riding in an Uber or paying their cell phone bill if the mayor has his way.Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2018 budget proposal asks that cell phones and lan...

Free community college could boost education access

February 17, 2014

Tuition and education-related fees have steadily increased in recent years, and state governments have begun debating measures to reduce the cost of higher education. In Tennessee, Oregon and Mississippi, legislators have presented plans to make community college free for two years, which could increase access to higher education but requires high standards to prevent dropout rates from increasing.The Tennessee Promise pr...

MacBooks catch a few rays

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

February 10, 2014

The panic triggered by a dying laptop when there is no outlet in sight may be a thing of the past with the implementation of a possible new solar-powered feature in Apple’s MacBooks.Apple briefly detailed the potential features of a future MacBook in a patent approved Jan. 28 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One of the new features is a rear plate on the back of the MacBook with solar cells underneath t...

Neo-’60s heartbreak artist

By Emily Ornberg

November 19, 2012

Kirby Kaiser’s vintage style of music transports listeners to a time of sugary pop melodies seasoned with retro, doo-wop harmonies. Her music may even be mistaken for that of ’60s girl groups like The Supremes and The Shangri-Las. Kaiser, however, is a 19-year-old Boystown resident.Inspired by heartbreak, Kaiser started writing music in high school after Fiona Apple’s songs helped her through boy troubles. She issued her...

Fiction Writing chair’s contract not renewed

By Contributing Writer

March 5, 2012

by Monica ReidaContributing WriterIn a sudden development that has yet to be explained by Columbia administrators, as of Feb. 24, Randall Albers is no longer the chair of the Fiction Writing Department.According to Patricia McNair, acting chair of the Fiction Writing Department, the office of Eliza Nichols, dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts, sent a letter Feb. 24 to the faculty and staff of the department with ...

Interim provost ranks programs, proposes new departments

By Heather Scroering

March 5, 2012

The Center for Black Music Research has been at Columbia since 1983. Producing several publications, possessing a vast research collection of black music of the United States and African diaspora and host of many national and international conferences, the CBMR is one of a kind.However, while funding is becoming more pressing with the decline of enrollment and the rise of student debt, the CBMR is at risk of disappearing from...

Students, faculty, alumni perform Columbia’s first charitable cabaret

By Lisa Schulz

February 13, 2012

Under a dimmed chandelier, surrounded by a piano and chairs, hopeful students, faculty and alumni stepped onto a small stage to belt out adventurous songs in an effort to attract scholarship funds.“An Evening of Cabaret: Journeys and New Beginnings” was the first fundraiser for the Betty Garrett Musical Theatre Scholarship held Feb. 4 in Studio 404 of the Theatre Building, 72 E. 11th St. The scholarship, established i...

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