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The Black Sheep is a group of 12 Columbia students who create satirical content, including videos and memes.

Meet The Chronicle’s fiercest competition: The Black Sheep

October 18, 2019

At 2 a.m., one of the members of The Black Sheep Columbia is filmed drunkenly eating a stranger’s food off the Chicago Transit Authority train floor. Later, he pulls a thread of floss from a fast food ...

@ALittleBirdieToldMe: #anonymous Twitters bring marketing, satire to your feed

@ALittleBirdieToldMe: #anonymous Twitters bring marketing, satire to your feed

October 30, 2017

On his daily commute in Chicago Transit Authority vehicles, Bus constantly looks over his shoulder. He is paranoid that people will see his phone. Sometimes he has to pocket the device to finish business...

Pujol comments on cynicism through his music

Pujol comments on cynicism through his music

October 16, 2017

Nashville-based rock band Pujol will be returning to Chicago to promote its EP, Kisses, released Nov. 27, 2015. It includes eight tracks: three poems and five rock 'n' roll songs.Led by songwriter Dan...

The Black Sheep provides laughs to Columbia students

The Black Sheep provides laughs to Columbia students

September 25, 2017

The Black Sheep, a satirical college news website, now has a section written by Columbia students who are earning internship credits while making their student audience laugh. Bailey Davis, chief campus editor for the website and junior theatre major, started writing for The Blac...

An approved motion made during the Faculty Senate’s March 10 meeting will have the Senate vote on the Workload Workgroup’s new document before approval.

Senate to vote on workload group’s document

March 13, 2017

Faculty Senate will vote on the Workload Workgroup’s latest research document before final approval, according to a decision at its March 10 meeting. The senate also welcomed the college’s first ombudsperson and the new senior vice president of Business Affairs and CFO to discuss...

Chicago dumps Trump with satire

Jacob Thomas’ Donald Trump-inspired designs are displayed at the Degenerate Art Gallery, 5407 N. Clark St., April 1 through April 24.

By Arts & Culture Editor

April 4, 2016

There is no denying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a polarizing billionaire to many voters.Between his hyperbolic speeches and overall appearance, parodies of the boisterous figure have flourishe...

Student Center Phase One: College input visualized

Student Center Phase One: College input visualized

February 22, 2016

As the college community entered its winter break, a team of architects and consultants from Chicago-based planning firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz was working on the initial programming phase of Columbia’s long-...

Tweet 3

New ‘Dean of BS’ satirizes college

December 7, 2015

Columbia gained a new—and fake—administrative position via Twitter Dec. 1, whose title is “Interim Dean of Bullshit.” So far, the dean’s contributions to “growsynthesize” the college include ton...

R.I.P. Story Week

R.I.P. Story Week

November 23, 2015

Columbia’s Story Week, which was due to celebrate its 20th anniversary this spring as one of the largest literary festivals in the Midwest, has been discontinued because of collegewide budget constraints...

Featured Athlete: Kent Leng

By Sports & Health Reporter

May 11, 2015

Kent Leng, a senior business & entrepreneurship major, grew up with two passions: baseball and snowboarding. While he participated in both sports throughout his childhood, he ultimately chose to focus on snowboarding during his sophomore year of high school. After graduating high school in 2008, he spent a year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and two years in Salt Lake City, Utah, producing snowboarding videos. Leng’s pass...

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Ellie Kemper will be performing at the event.

Second Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival shows layers of The Onion

May 11, 2015

As Chicago’s festival season kicks off with Pitchfork, Lollapalooza and Riot Fest, The Onion and A.V. Club are touting comedy in the Windy City with the Second Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival.The f...

Upcoming theater season puts Chicago on Mainstage

By Ivana Hester

October 15, 2012

The curtain is rising on the Theatre Department’s 2012-2013 Mainstage Season, which will explore different Chicago themes.All of the plays have elements of satire and are linked to Chicago either by setting or contributor, said Albert Williams, a senior lecturer in the Theatre Department.“[The department] wanted this season to be about Chicago because we wanted to educate the public and our students about this wonderfu...

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