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Camron Miller dresses up as Santa Claus in preparation for the 17th annual Holly Jolly Food Drive at WCRX.

Good golly, it’s the 17th annual Holly Jolly

November 29, 2019

For nearly two decades, Columbia’s WCRX radio station has taken on the task of replacing the stress of the last weeks of the semester with sounds of holiday music, the booming voices of broadcast cel...

Annual Tribute to DR. Martin Luther King, Jr

By Ahmed Hamad

January 27, 2013

Description: The Chicago Sinfonietta held a concert on Jan. 21an Orchestra Hall at the Chicago Symphony Center, 220 S. Michigan Ave. to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.The chronicle got the inside scoop on the show from Don Macica, the director of communications at the Chicago Sinfonietta.

Don’t kill Santa just yet

By Samuel Charles

December 5, 2011

Longtime FOX Chicago news anchor Robin Robinson finds herself in a bit of hot water right now. On the Dec. 1 newscast, there was a short segment regarding how shopping mall Santa Clauses are helping parents by—somewhat—curbing the Christmas desires of their children.The segment itself, presented by Robinson’s co-anchor and Columbia alumnus Bob Sirott, was a nice little puff piece that actually offered some worthwhile ...

Not your grandma’s game of ‘pHlip Cup’

By Sophia Coleman

September 12, 2011

The classic frat-house party game “Flip- Cup” just got a little more interesting.Now, thanks to comedy club pH Productions, every Friday at 10 p.m. audiences can compete with anyone—from a group of young-minded senior citizens to a team of horny cougars—in the quest to be“Flip-Cup” champion.Each Friday at Studio BE Theatre, 3110 N. Sheffield Ave., a fictional cast of characters tackles a host of obstacles and o...

Depiction of prophet not a radical move for TV show

By SpencerRoush

May 10, 2010

Throughout “South Park”’s 14-season-run on Comedy Central, the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have poked fun at nearly every major issue facing the United States, including taboos in society, religion, war and every other controversial topic they could think of.Viewers can always count on the show to push the envelope and produce racy material that is bound to offend someone, but that’s why people watch it.  T...

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