The Columbia Chronicle

Portable disease detector coming

By Emily Fasold

March 12, 2012

Infectious diseases can spread like wildfire, and identifying them can take days. But thanks to medical technology, the ability to diagnose contagious illnesses will soon be literally in the palm of our hands.University of Tennessee, Knoxville, professors Jie Wu and Shigetoshi Eda have invented a portable, pocket-sized device that uses microchip technology to instantly detect infectious diseases in both animals and humans.“...

South Korean import refreshingly peculiar

By Drew Hunt

February 7, 2011

For those interested in genre cinema, the films of South Korea have long been the source of some of the most intriguing and intoxicating filmic experimentation seen in recent years. Directors like Chan-Wook Park and Joon-Ho Bong have proved themselves dexterous in crafting films that blend a myriad of tones and themes in a dizzyingly precise fashion.Enter Sang-Soo Im and his film “The Housemaid,” a remake of the 1960 ...

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