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Pat Solomon wipes the ink off of a pumpkin carved by her husband Marc Solomon, who provided many of the pumpkins featured on the Lincoln Park Zoo pumpkin walk.

Fall activities for a pandemic Halloween

October 26, 2020

Although the pandemic has caused the cancellation of some beloved fall attractions like haunted houses and the Six Flags Fright Fest, there are still a variety of spooktacular activities the coronavirus has ...

Quidditch players participate in socially-distanced activities like individual shooting drills and a 40-yard dash.

Renegades sports make a comeback with a new biggest competitor — the coronavirus

October 16, 2020

With masks on, shoes tightly laced and sweat beading on their skin, team members run at the blow of a whistle. But, they all maintain their distance and avoid any form of physical contact, sanitizing their ...

Your guide for the return to the Student Center

September 23, 2020

Following the Chronicle's "Reopening Columbia: keeping campus safe" video, here you will get a chance to follow Chronicle staffers showing you floor-by-floor what you can expect when you visit the reopened...

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