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Women have, will continue to run the world

Children are not to blame  in child marriages

By Managing Editor

November 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's loss on Nov. 8 was a blow to women who thought the "highest, hardest glass ceiling" would finally be shattered. So where should American women look to find female political role models? L...

REVIEW: Magnificent Coloring Day gives new hues to South Side

Chance's performance Sept. 24 at the U.S. Cellular Field became a story telling experience rather than a concert performance. His connection with audiences and coloring the stage himself with props and lights created a 'Coloring Book.'


September 26, 2016

The talk of the weekend was Chance the Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day, which brought "Blessings" to the South Side. Although Jamila Woods—the singer featured on the hit song—was sadly absent, th...

Academic Team presents report

By Dannis Valera

April 16, 2012

After making their report available online, the Academic Prioritization Team presented their report in an open presentation to the Columbia community at Film Row Cinema. After the presentation, the team hosted a Q&A session where attendees could ask the team members directly about the report.

Teachers, parents should be role models instead of athletes

By Etheria Modacure

March 7, 2011

When I was 10, I told my grandmother I wanted to attend the University of North Carolina when I got older. She asked why, and I told her it was because Michael Jordan went there. She asked me if I would take the same classes as him, walk like him, talk like him and jump like him.I had no answer to any of those questions, so I just shrugged my shoulders like Jordan did in the 1992 NBA Finals against the Portland Trailblazers. ...

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