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If you want to secede, we won’t stop you

By Tyler Davis

November 19, 2012

Perhaps the timing of President Barack Obama’s re-election and the release of Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic “Lincoln” isn’t a coincidence. Residents in all 50 states have recently filed petitions to secede from the Union.The petitions were filed on the We The People petition page on Any petition on the webpage with more than 25,000 digital signatures will prompt an official response from th...

Justice sought for wrongfully convicted

By Kaley Fowler

October 8, 2012

Although police are expected to maintain civilian safety, there are often unreported cases of police torture, according to Joey Mogul, an attorney for the People’s Law Office. He asserted during an Oct. 3 discussion that defendant testimony in cases of police brutality is usually viewed as false because of the assumed credibility of law enforcement officials.As part of Roosevelt University’s second annual Wrongful Conv...

Eliminating criminal injustice

By Gregory Cappis

October 10, 2011

Marcus Lyons wasted three years of his life behind bars for a crime committed by someone else. He said this happened because he was the only person in a photo lineup wearing a necktie and not holding a sign.Lyons may never have been convicted if reforms proposed to the Illinois Senate Criminal Law committee on Oct. 3 were enacted in the 1980s. Using a computer program to generate impartial photo lineups was one reform introd...

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