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Homeless on public transit lack better options

By Opinions Editor

January 27, 2014

A conversation with any Chicagoan will inevitably yield a horror story or two about riding the Chicago Transit Authority, ranging from tales of pushy solicitors to unexplained, lengthy delays. But in the winter, some passengers have a more olfactory anecdote: the ripe smell of feces in train cars.The unwelcome stench is most common on the Red and Blue lines because homeless individuals are more likely to take shelter in the 24...

Bad (gangsta) rap

For The Record

November 4, 2013

“I’M BACK BITCH” announced Chicago drill rapper Chief Keef Oct. 30 via Instagram. It’s official: Sosa is a free man once again.After spending just nine days of his many sentences at the Cook Count...

A ‘Monster’ of an ordinance

By Editorial Board

January 28, 2013

Alderman Edward Burke (14th Ward) proposed an ordinance banning the sale of energy drinks within city limits during a Jan. 17 Chicago City Council meeting, arguing that the drinks are unhealthy, especially for young consumers.The ordinance cites a Food and Drug Administration report alleging that Monster Energy drinks have caused five deaths since 2009. The FDA has also received reports of health incidents related to other energy drinks. While such beverages can be dangero...

Wildcats upset top-ten opponent at home

By Nader Ihmoud

October 10, 2012

Despite the gusting winds, the Northwestern University Wildcats were able to fend off the No. 7 ranked University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2-1 on Oct. 9 at Lakeside Field.Early on, the Wildcats were aggressive on offense, scoring both goals in the first 20 minutes of the game. Freshman forward Joey Calistri broke out of his slump with a goal and an assist on the game-clinching goal, by junior midfielder Lepe Seetane....

Revolutionizing global vaccine distribution

By Brandon Smith

October 8, 2012

The inaccessibility of vaccines kills 21,000 children every day in underdeveloped countries, accordingto the World Health Organization.Many of these countries and the United Nations lack the means to pay for the distribution of lifesaving treatments they desperately need, according to the U.N. Children’s Fund, and the vaccines that are paid for are often damaged during the transportation process. The question has been ra...

Columbia participates in ‘Tartan Arts in the Avenue’

By Ivana Hester

October 1, 2012

Colossal golf balls served as canvases for several Columbia students, alumni, faculty and staff members whose artwork is displayed on Michigan Avenue in conjunction with the 2012 Ryder Cup, an international golf tournament played Sept. 25–30 in Medinah, Ill.The exhibition, “Tartan Art on the Avenue,” began Sept. 15 as part of a larger campaign developed by the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Illinois PGA Found...

Ultrasound abortion law serves agenda, not women

By Gabrielle Rosas

January 30, 2012

As a young woman, I understand the fear of having a child too early in life. I’m not yet prepared to give up my life in order to raise another. College, jobs, friends, family and my future financial security trump any minute desire to have babies. And trust me, it’s minute.Thankfully, I’ve never had a pregnancy scare with ex-boyfriends nor have any of my close friends. But we all talk about it in hypothetical terms. ...

2012 Iowa Caucuses

By Sara Mays

January 9, 2012

Presidential candidate hopefuls took Iowa by storm to kick off the race to the Presidential nomination. After numerous appearances and speeches to the residents of Iowa, it was left up to the people on Caucus night to decide their fate. Mitt Romney won the Caucus with 24.6%, while Rick Santorum came in at a close and surprising second at 24.5%. Michele Bachmann came in last with 5% which caused her to drop out of the race ...

‘Strong’ just plain wrong

By Samuel Charles

December 12, 2011

Oh, Rick Perry. You had everything going for you for a bit there, and then you went and opened your mouth.The Texas swagger, the “wholesome family values” and who couldn’t love that accent? He’s George W. Bush 2.0. What could be better?But this past week, Perry’s floundering presidential campaign released a viral video on YouTube, showing Perry strolling up a hill, saying how if he’s elected president, he’ll en...

GOP contender stirs debate on racial vote

By Matt Watson

October 24, 2011

African-Americans have been a backbone of the Democratic Party for decades. Portraits of John F. Kennedy adorn walls alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus in the homes of many elderly blacks. There is a long history that explains this phenomenon. The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln was the one that freed the slaves, but Democrat Lyndon Johnson ended segregation and declared war on poverty, and Democrats enacted affir...

Perry’s ‘jobs machine’ just a mirage

By Matt Watson

September 26, 2011

Once Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination this summer, a buzz over the “Texas jobs machine” started up in political circles and commentaries. The charismatic, coyote-shooting, bible-thumping George W. Bush clone has since jumped to the top of the polls in the Republican field, surpassing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and replacing U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann as the lea...

No knowledge, no problem in GOP

By Samuel Charles

September 19, 2011

The Republican Party has been unabashedly candid about its mission during this election season. Their goal, as several party leaders have freely admitted, is to unseat President Barack Obama by any means necessary.Give them credit for being open about their desire, though. Few politicos have the testicular fortitude to say what they really think.But stop with the credit right there.The frontrunners for the party’s presid...

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