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Winter looming for Chicago’s homeless

By Kaley Fowler

October 22, 2012

Chicago’s homeless population will soon face extreme temperatures and exposure to the elements, causing shelters citywide to increase services and open their doors to larger crowds.Some shelters have begun collecting additional blankets, clothing and food to prepare for increased occupancy. According to Kevin Morrissey, director of development at the Franciscan House of Mary & Joseph, the public should express greater c...

Nonprofit restaurant drawing ill-founded complaints

By Editorial Board

October 15, 2012

Panera Bread opened a nonprofit restaurant in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood on June 21 that allows customers to pay as much or as little for their meals as they are able. Recently, some members of the community have complained that the restaurant, called Panera Cares, 616 W. Diversey Parkway, is attracting a rough crowd, though police said they have not seen an increase in crime because of the restaurant.Panera Cares, whic...

High hopes for Columbia basketball

By Nader Ihmoud

February 13, 2012

Despite having a low profile on campus, the Columbia Renegades men’s basketball team holds its head up high as it works to develop a respectable program.The team has 13 roster spots to work with. Head Coach Joseph Phillips said he will keep five of those available for player-coaches and future recruits. The team’s captains are sophomore music major Oscar Chatman and freshman music major Brian Byrd.“[The team is] com...

South Loop Elementary School gym now available for Columbia students

By Nader Ihmoud

September 26, 2011

Four college students from three different institutions played a pick-up game of basketball in South Loop Elementary School’s gym, 1212 S. Plymouth Court. The gym opened on Sept. 18 for recreational basketball and volleyball.According to the Columbia Renegades President Kevin Hartmann, the gym has never been available this early to Columbia and Roosevelt University students in the years he has been at Columbia. Students who...

Women’s Basketball is Back at Columbia

By Nader Ihmoud

September 19, 2011

Serina Breezer attended Columbia’s women’s basketball meeting mid-afternoon on Sept. 14 to rekindle a lost relationship she had with basketball. Breezer, a senior theater major and 11-year veteran of the sport, has played the game since she was nine—in high school and at Triton Community College—before transferring to Columbia.“Since this is an art school, I expected no sports, but then I saw that Ulisa [Blakely, captain for the...

Monitoring redistricting reform

By Editorial Board

December 13, 2010

Once the 2010 Census results are finalized, the scramble to redraw legislative districts will begin. The process is notorious nationwide for back-door deals, secrets and gerrymandering. District lines are based on which communities politicians want included in their voter base.On Dec. 1, the Illinois Senate passed the Redistricting Transparency and Public Participation Act, a reform package designed to have the public more inv...

Students respond to simple communication

By Editorial Board

November 8, 2010

Reaching 11,992 students is a challenge our Student Affairs Office tackles quite well. The Student Loop was ranked second in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators 2010 Excellence Awards. While similar programs at other colleges garner 10 to 20 percent average readership, The Loop has more than 40 percent.Although impressive compared to other schools, it is disheartening that less than half of the student bod...

Renegades can’t stop Trolls

By JeffGraveline

November 9, 2009

The Columbia Renegades men’s basketball team opened its season Nov. 4 on the road at Trinity Christian College.  The Renegades have a new coach and a new game plan this season, but the result of their first game remained the same as many games from last season: The Renegades were crushed by the Trolls.After staying with the Trolls for the entire first half, the Renegades couldn’t manage the same production in the sec...

Renegades basketball ready to step up this season

By JeffGraveline

October 5, 2009

After last season’s woes and financial trouble, the Columbia College Renegades basketball team is heading in a new direction.With the addition of 2007 Columbia grad, Head Coach Joseph Phillips, his hard- nosed conditioning program and a strong summer season under their belts, the Renegades are prepared to show that they’re not to be taken lightly on the court or in the paint anymore.“We’re going to take this thing...

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