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Starbucks isn’t the problem, America is

By Editorial Board

April 28, 2018

Fitting the stereotypes put on many of its customers, Starbucks is the performative ally that says it’s against racism as it gentrifies neighborhoods.After two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks April 12 for not ordering anything from the store while waiting for a friend, the coffee chain was the target of demonstrations, protesting discriminatory treatment that was obvious even to loyal patrons. The scr...

Tent City future at stake over bike paths

Several construction notices are posted along the viaductsWilson and Lawrence Avenues. 

By Jackie Murray

September 5, 2017

A bright orange warning sign plastered on a viaduct wall below Lake Shore Drive in Uptown tells 50 or so homeless residents who have found refuge there that they will be forced to move. The construction...

Bank of America accused of racial discrimination

By Kaley Fowler

October 29, 2012

Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis joined seven other cities Oct. 23 in filing a complaint against Bank of America, claiming the company is guilty of racial discrimination in how it maintains its foreclosed properties.The National Fair Housing Alliance, an organization dedicated to ending housing discrimination, launched an investigation into several lenders in 2010 that examined 505 Midwest properties owned by Bank of America. Acco...

‘No Where Boy’ Film Review

By Cristina Aguirre

October 11, 2010

While Elvis Presley was creating music history in the 1950's, John Lennon (Aaron Johnson) was coming of age and looking for guidance between his Aunt Mimi (Kristin Scott Thomas), who raised him and his mother that left him as a child. Lennon turns to art, which would be the start of the Quarrymen and gains a growing friendship with young Paul McCartney. In 'No Where Boy', John Lennon faces the challenges of an adolescent to ...

College lawsuit pending

By BenitaZepeda

October 12, 2009

On Oct. 5, former Columbia faculty member Suriyha H. Smiley filed a civil lawsuit against the college after she was terminated for allegedly making an anti-Semitic comment to astudent.  She alleges the college subjected her to racial discrimination, which ledto her termination.Smiley, who was a part-time faculty member in the Radio Department for more than 14 years, allegedly told one of her students, “I should have kn...

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