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OPINION: It's important to be provocative in 2019

OPINION: It’s important to be provocative in 2019

October 3, 2019

We live in a “say this, not that” culture, and there is a fundamental problem with that: It constrains free thought. Sometimes you have to push past social boundaries to get a point across—as ...

‘Our Whole Lives’ improves lacking sex-ed curriculum

By Operations Assistant

February 8, 2016

Sexual education in the United States has been a highly contested issue since the 1970s, when widespread concerns about teen pregnancy—and subsequently the HIV/AIDS epidemic—ignited public support for a mandatory curriculum.However, the content of the curriculum and the extent of its use lags behind that of many other countries. While sexual education in the Netherlands begins as early as kindergarten and persists throughou...

Alumni not paid for Story Week

Alumni not paid for Story Week

December 14, 2015

As one of the alumni quoted in “R.I.P Story Week,” I need to address an issue raised by the letter to the editor from Courtney Zellars regarding Story Week (Nov. 3).  Ms. Zellars states: “T...

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