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Diana Vallera, President of the Part-Time Faculty Union, facilitates the collaborative conersation between Columbia students and faculty at the Save Columbia forum Nov. 2 in the 8th floor lounge of 600 S. Michigan Ave.

Illinois coalition of faculty and staff demand remote college instruction for fall

July 24, 2020

Unionized faculty and staff from various public and private Illinois colleges and universities throughout the state—including Columbia​'s part-time faculty union—are demanding an entirely remo...

Data analysis: nearly half of fall classes to be held entirely online

Data analysis: nearly half of fall classes to be held entirely online

July 20, 2020

For some students, returning to an online and hybrid-heavy course load for the Fall 2020 semester falls short of their pre-pandemic hopes and expectations. A recent Chronicle data analysis of 1,86...

Professors will register students to vote in class

September 4, 2019

A year after a successful voter registration pilot program within the Communication Department, Associate Professor Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin was at a "point of despair" over how to broaden student registration...

Enrollment drives changes to English and creative writing classes

Enrollment drives changes to English and creative writing classes

November 13, 2017

Columbia’s declining enrollment has forced elective courses in the English and Creative Writing Department to only be offered to students every other semester instead of year-round, according to faculty in the department. “The number of classes that a number of depar...

Chicago may take after trend in California

By Metro Reporter

February 2, 2015

Although bills and petitions that would allow prisoners access to condoms have been  shot  down in Illinois, California passed legislation last year for condom distribution in prisons, which could provide insight into how similar laws in Illinois could lower the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in prisons.Illinois Representative Monique D. Davis (D-Chicago) introduced a bill in 2009 that would allow prisoners...

Tape collectors keepin’ it reel

By Arts & Culture Reporter

January 26, 2015

Walking into a local thrift shop, a casual shopper may pass an old cassette player and a stack of tapes and think nothing of it. In 1975, when boomboxes featuring cassette decks were introduced to U.S. consumers, the cassette became the go-to source for portable music listening until being all but completely phased out by CDs in the mid-’80s. Although still a popular medium for alternative music junkies, it seems like the cassette...

Forcing professors to report assault is wrong

By Editorial Board

December 1, 2014

As the issue of sexual assault on college campuses continues to gain national attention, some institutions are mandating that professors report these crimes to their colleges even if students reveal that information to their professors in confidence, according to a Nov. 6 The Chronicle of Higher Education report.Forcing professors to report possible assaults puts them in an uncomfortable position and also violates the trust s...

(Left to right) Iymen Chehade, Steven Salaita and Peter KIrstein answer questions from the audience after giving individual speeches during an Oct. 8 panel on academic freedom at Ferguson Hall, 600 S. Michigan Ave.

Conversations on academic freedom return to Columbia

October 13, 2014

Several dozen Illinois residents filled Ferguson Hall, 600 S. Michigan Ave., on Oct. 8 for a panel discussion on academic freedom. Hosted by the college’s chapter of Students for Justice in Pa...

Professor handholding impedes student success

By Maria Castellucci

September 8, 2014

Throughout high school, teachers prepared me for the trials of college. Announcements and explanations of assignments would be rare. The syllabus is the holy grail of survival, and it is always “subject to change at the professor’s discretion.” Students are expected to be proactive in their education and raise their concerns directly.Many of my high school friends who opted to attend state colleges are having these experiences. Howev...

We Love making it up as we go

Guitarist and vocalist Derek Bish (left) and guitarists Nick Lucius (right). With We Love You's nostaligic '90's rock sound and improv roots, the Ohio natives are gaining popularity in Chicago. 

By Brandon Howard

March 3, 2014

Do you ever just want to spend an afternoon in your best friend’s garage, basking in the glory of old 8-bit Nintendo games and listening to loud music on a sweet new stereo? If so, We Love You would...

College environment may impact many student voter attitudes

By Mark Minton

September 24, 2012

With the 2012 election approaching, many young voters will get their first chance to participate in choosing the next U.S. president.President Barack Obama currently has an 8-point lead over Republican candidate Mitt Romney in a poll conducted by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University. But a poll taken in April showed Obama ahead of Romney by 17 points, so the election could still be up for grabs. Young voters ag...

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