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 WBEZ-FM 91.5 and Vocalo 91.1 hosted a virtual event “Voices of the Movement: Black Activism and Organizing for Change” with a panel of black activists to discuss the historical fight for racial equity.

‘Voices of the Movement’: Black activists discuss power in organizing

June 24, 2020

After viewers enjoyed a few minutes of Childish Gambino’s song "This is America"—which highlights the unjust killing and violence against Black Americans—viewers and panelists virtually held a m...

CHI-TOWN LOW DOWN: Chicago’s diverse population is divided, neglected

By Managing Editor

May 4, 2015

The city’s segregation problem has been the underlying theme in most of my columns this semester because it is at the root of increasing crime, gang violence and poverty rates.Chicago is the seventh most diverse city in the U.S. However, the city is also the most segregated in the country, leaving communities sectioned off by racial demographics, according to a May 1 report, which used data from Brown...

Halftime from the Sideline

Bulls move past conference call with Bucks

May 4, 2015

In a matchup that would have made for an exciting Eastern Conference Finals pairing, the Chicago Bulls are playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the NBA playoffs, and the Bulls’ chances...


H1Z1: Servers fail to survive launch day

January 30, 2015

Sony Online Entertainment, creators of the EverQuest and PlanetSide games, released its newest title, H1Z1, on Steam for Early Access play January 15.H1Z1 will be a free-to-play game after early acces...

LeAlan Jones Educates the Information Generation | The Columbia Chronicle

October 27, 2014

First year seminar students expected the visiting author of “Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago” LeAlan Jones, to speak about his book. Instead, he leaves that topic behind an...

MacBooks catch a few rays

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

February 10, 2014

The panic triggered by a dying laptop when there is no outlet in sight may be a thing of the past with the implementation of a possible new solar-powered feature in Apple’s MacBooks.Apple briefly detailed the potential features of a future MacBook in a patent approved Jan. 28 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One of the new features is a rear plate on the back of the MacBook with solar cells underneath t...

Obama put in hip-hop spotlight

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 17, 2012

By Tyler Eagle, Contributing WriterA Columbia event, Rap Sessions: Community Dialogues on Hip-Hop, hosted a panel of hip-hop activists and analysts from across the country who discussed the importance of the 2012 presidential election, among other topics.The panel, held in the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., on Sept. 13 touched on President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, the Tea Party movement,  the media, the ...

Illinois power plants cause environmental alarm

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 4, 2012

Illinois power plants have resorted to releasing massive amounts of extremely hot water into Illinois rivers and lakes, causing fish populations to rapidly decrease, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.Although Chicago power plants have not asked for any special variances to release coolant water the Chicago River system is still being affected.With temperatures rising to 100 degrees Fahrenheit this sum...

‘If opportunity arises,’ Trinca-Pasat eyes NFL

By Nader Ihmoud

March 19, 2012

Louis Trinca-Pasat was once the biggest fish in a medium-sized pond, but that changed after he decided to play for the Iowa University Hawkeyes.Trinca-Pasat had a successful career prior to moving to the Division I program. As a junior, he led Lane Tech High School in Chicago to a city championship in 2009, earning an All-State honorable mention.Despite the defensive tackle only playing in one game last season and having o...

Call for clean power heard despite city stalling

By Darryl Holliday

February 21, 2011

As Chicago politicians continue to delay the Clean Power Ordinance, which would lower toxic coal emissions in the city, some aldermen and many residents are attempting to bring the issue up for council debate.An “ad hoc” hearing was held at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., on Feb. 14, in which more than 200 residents from around the city filled the council chambers to demand Chicago’s two coal-fired power plants clean up ...

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