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Column: Adversity will come; what matters is how we bounce back

Column: Adversity will come; what matters is how we bounce back

May 16, 2020

When I had my initial interview at the Chronicle, I was focused and ready to start my career as a photojournalist. Coming from a combat sports photography background, nothing could rattle my ca...

Column: A Chronicle photojournalist details her inner conflict between balancing her love of going out to take photos and staying safe, as someone in the

Column: What is a picture worth? A photographer in the high-risk category weighs in

April 4, 2020

My usual routine Monday through Friday was working two jobs and attending classes. I took a Chicago Transit Authority bus and the Red Line to get around. My only concern for safety when going...

Senior Photo Editor Mike Rundle breaks down photographing protests and rallies

August 7, 2019

In The Chronicle's second episode of its series “For the Record”—which gives a behind-the-scenes look at The Chronicle's reporting—Senior Photo Editor Mike Rundle analyzes some of his most note...

New program gives CPS grads advantage in job market

By Contributing Writer

October 15, 2012

by Elizabeth Earl, Contributing WriterGraduates of Chicago Public Schools may have an advantage in finding city jobs, thanks to a new initiative proposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.The plan, introduced on Sept. 29, would offer what city officials called a “leg up” to CPS graduates by requiring that they make up 20 percent of applicant pools for city jobs. According to mayoral spokeswoman Caroline Weisser, this is good news ...

National Geographic photographers offer advice to students

By Heather Scroering

October 17, 2011

Columbia welcomed four photojournalists on Oct. 11 in Film Row Cinema at the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., who shared their career experiences to steer students in the right direction.Jim Richardson, Ami Vitale and Vince Musi, contributing photographers for National Geographic along with Chicago Tribune photographer Alex Garcia, presented their work and offered their advice to students who are trying to break into t...

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