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Interim provost ranks programs, proposes new departments

By Heather Scroering

March 5, 2012

The Center for Black Music Research has been at Columbia since 1983. Producing several publications, possessing a vast research collection of black music of the United States and African diaspora and host of many national and international conferences, the CBMR is one of a kind.However, while funding is becoming more pressing with the decline of enrollment and the rise of student debt, the CBMR is at risk of disappearing from...

Breathing life into literature

By Amanda Murphy

February 27, 2012

Beginning its journey almost a decade ago, northern Michigan’s Breathe Owl Breathe has had a long and fruitful musical career. The indie folk band has released multiple albums in its eight-year history, each showing varying degrees of the group’s talent and growth through the years. Taking their artistic abilities in a different direction, frontman Micah Middaugh, Trevor Hobbs and Andréa Moreno-Beals recently released a two-tr...

Refugee garden project revamps vacant lot

By Kaley Fowler

February 27, 2012

Moving to a new country and adapting to a foreign culture can be incredibly difficult. For many Chicago refugees, however, the transition will become easier through a new community project.The Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly, a program that helps refugees assimilate into U.S. culture and society, entered a three-year lease agreement with the city Feb. 15. CLESE will transform a vacant lot at 2954 W. Lawrence Ave...

White Sox pick up option on Ozzie Guillen’s contract for 2012

By Etheria Modacure

January 21, 2011

White Sox fans won’t have to worry about seeing Ozzie Guillen manage any place else any time soon because the team picked up his option for 2012. Guillen has been the manager for the White Sox since 2004 and has won two division titles and a World Series championship on the South Side.General Manager Ken Willams, who helped land designated hitter Adam Dunn, re-sign first baseman Paul Konerko and catcher AJ Pierzynski, annou...

High Sox payroll has team ready to win

By Etheria Modacure

December 13, 2010

The White Sox missed the playoffs in 2010 for the second consecutive season. The team’s game attendance averaged 27,091 fans, ranking 17th overall in the Major Leagues. For 2011, more Sox fans will need to support the team at home to help pay for its recent additions.Adam Dunn agreed to a four-year, $56 million deal with the Sox on Dec. 3. Shortly after, the Sox were able to retain one of its most popular players in cat...

Konerko re-signs with the White Sox

By Etheria Modacure

December 10, 2010

Paul Konerko was prepared for life away from the South Side, but White Sox General Manager Ken Williams was unwilling to let the team’s captain and face of the franchise the past few seasons go too easily. After signing Adam Dunn and re-signing A.J. Pierzynski on Dec. 3, the White Sox fulfilled their top priority on Dec. 8 in Orlando, Fla.Konerko, 35, agreed to return to the team he has played with since 1999 and signed a ...

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