The Columbia Chronicle

Magic turns muggle

By Colin Shively

November 16, 2009

A new trend of sports is taking flight at Northwestern University. Like most sports, it has balls, goals and teammates—yet unlike all other traditional sports found at colleges and universities, these games are played on broom sticks, and a little imagination.Marc Bourgeois, a sophomore at Northwestern, is in the beginning efforts to create a coed Quidditch team at the school where the Residential College Board has already ho...

Music, not ‘rock’-it science

By Meryl Fulinara

September 22, 2008

Chicago-based Overman is trying to innovate the university science scene with their music, while also achieving musical success as science advocates with a scientific method of sorts."Evolution Rocks," a song written by Overman's bassist, Aaron Kelly, for a biology class at Columbia, is the basis for how Overman plans to climb the evolutionary music ladder."Here I am the night before the presentation and I'm putting toget...

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