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Online Commencement and Manifest 'RISE' to the occasion

Online Commencement and Manifest ‘RISE’ to the occasion

May 21, 2020

Donned in her high school graduation cap, Heather Davies sat awkwardly on a Zoom call with teachers and classmates as she graduated from college. The momentous occasion was not quite how she imagin...

'Zoombombing' disrupts online learning, causing anxiety for some instructors

‘Zoombombing’ disrupts online learning, causing anxiety for some instructors

May 21, 2020

Christopher Shaw was ready for his first online "Introduction to Statistics" class to begin, but as students logged onto Zoom, he was struck by a surprise attendee—a Zoombomber. Shaw, an associate profe...

'Zoom fatigue,' the downside of constant video conferences

‘Zoom fatigue,’ the downside of constant video conferences

May 6, 2020

From Zoom calls for work meetings and classes, to socially-oriented FaceTime sessions, to happy hours with loved ones, coronavirus-induced lockdowns have many people turning to their screens as the...

Born into fame: celebrities and pregnancy

Born into fame: celebrities and pregnancy

February 9, 2018

With a life in the spotlight, it's a struggle to keep anything under wraps. When a person becomes famous, the line between public and private becomes blurred, but a public figure should be allowed to live...

Shop ‘til you drop: the future of retail

Shop ‘til you drop: the future of retail

February 20, 2017

Massive red signs were scattered across the walls and clothing racks at American Apparel’s Wicker Park store, reading “Sale” and “40% off entire store.” Customers slowly rummaged through the me...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel teamed up with Chicago Housing Authority to open Rosenwald apartments in Bronzeville, according to a City of Chicago press release.

Historic building reopens in Bronzeville

October 17, 2016

After four years of construction and renovation, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Pat Dowell (3rd Ward) and the Chicago Housing Authority reopened the historic Rosenwald Court apartments on Sept. 30, according...

Professor receives Chicago Public Library Award

Eric May, an associate professor in the Creative Writing Department, was awarded the Chicago Public Library and Chicago Public Library Foundation’s 21st Century Award.

By Campus Reporter

October 26, 2015

Eric May, an associate professor in the Creative Writing Department, received the 21st Century Award, presented by the Chicago Public Library and the Chicago Public Library Foundation. May received his awar...

Bumble dating app is all buzz

By Campus Reporter

October 19, 2015

Dating can be hard for feminists, but there’s now an app for that, according to founder and CEO of the Bumble app, Whitney Wolfe. Bumble works like popular dating apps Tinder and Grindr but with a key difference, company executives say.Unlike competing apps, Bumble’s matches only last 24 hoursand in opposite-sex matches, the woman must make the first move by initiating conversation.“We think [Bumble] is actually goin...

Sound Off: Beyoncé’s questionable re-release far from flawless

By Managing Editor

December 1, 2014

Beyoncé dropped her surprise visual album just before midnight on Dec. 12, 2013, an act that caught fans and the industry as a whole off-guard.  The self-titled album was her fifth full-length album, and it came without any type of warning. By the time the album dropped, most fans had either forgotten about her promised release or given up hope that it would arrive any time soon after being strung along with false promis...

Sound Off: ‘Ultraviolent’ Lana Del Rey footage serves no purpose

By Managing Editor

November 24, 2014

Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson fans were taken by surprise on Nov. 19 after a disturbing video featuring the artists leaked online. The video, directed by “Hostel” filmmaker Eli Roth, depicted a series of horrific scenes alluding to violence.The most alarming scene was a simulated rape of Lana by Roth, who is shown pressing her head down into a pillow and ends after he walks out of sight, cutting to a shot of the singer...


Virb terminates partnership with college

October 27, 2014

Virb, a website hosting platform, has terminated its partnership with Columbia after being bought out by the website host company Go Daddy in October 2013. Prior to the college’s partnership with Virb, which began in 2012, Columbia used an in-house system called WebAgent that host...

Moodle malfunction

College reexamines IT funding after Moodle malfunction

September 15, 2014

An update to Moodle—the college’s online classroom aid—has led to a glitch that has the administration reevaluating how the Information Technology Department is funded. Prior to the start of the Fall 2014 semester, faculty lost information they had uploaded to the learning pla...

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