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Offensive costumes: all tricks, no treats

Offensive costumes: all tricks, no treats

October 30, 2017

Dressing up on Halloween is an age-old tradition deriving from the Celts, but in the past few years, interest has spiked in politically incorrect costumes, according to statistics from Google Trends. This year, schools such as the University of Texas at Austin and the Uni...

As part of the 75th anniversry of Chicago Pile-1, UChicago Arts collaborated with Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects to create an installation at the location of the first man-made and self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction alongside Henry Moore's

Earliest nuclear reactor’s 75th anniversary commemorated

October 9, 2017

To commemorate the world’s first atomic reactor’s 75th anniversary, the University of Chicago commissioned a temporary sculpture installation at the original campus site and is marking the occasio...

Governments escalate cyber warfare capabilities

By Tyler Davis

September 10, 2012

Stuxnet, a malicious computer program now believed to be a collaboration between the U.S. and Israeli governments, accidentally leaked into systems outside its original target, an Iranian nuclear facility, in March 2010. Along with another malware program believed to be part of the same joint government operation, Stuxnet disabled approximately 1,000 Iranian nuclear centrifuges. An analysis released by the security firm Kaspersky La...

Illinois power plants cause environmental alarm

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 4, 2012

Illinois power plants have resorted to releasing massive amounts of extremely hot water into Illinois rivers and lakes, causing fish populations to rapidly decrease, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.Although Chicago power plants have not asked for any special variances to release coolant water the Chicago River system is still being affected.With temperatures rising to 100 degrees Fahrenheit this sum...

Birth control battle

By Emily Fasold

April 23, 2012

While the first wave of feminism in the early 20th century was aimed at gaining the right to vote, the current generation of American women has struggled to achieve full insurance coverage for pregnancy, birth control, emergency contraception and other women’s health care issues. Up until now, that is.After fierce negotiation, President Barack Obama’s administration and the Department of Health and Human Services announ...

Nuclear concerns highlighted

By Heather McGraw

March 28, 2011

Japan’s dire nuclear situation has many Americans concerned about the state of nuclear power in the U.S., causing a surge in preventative medication purchases and re-evaluation of the country’s nuclear energy needs.When Japan was hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, it caused a fatal tsunami and shifted the tectonic plates, moving Japan 13 feet closer to the U.S. These natural phenomena caused the nuclear react...

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