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Columbia Student discusses his new album Small Fries

September 18, 2017

The Small Fries EP can be enjoyed at Hibbler. a junior film student at Columbia, discusses the inspiration for his debut album, Small Fries, and spea...

Dill Magazine spotlights Asian food

New Asian food publication Dill Magazine looks deeper into the culture of Asian cuisine, such as noodles from various regions explored in its first issue.

By Alexa Rixon

September 11, 2017

Asian noodles are the theme of Dill Magazine’s first issue, released July 17, as the magazine strives to uncover untold stories and “journey deep into the cuisine of Asia,” according to its website....

Blacklisted artists exhibited

By Contributing Writer

November 29, 2011

By Corey Stolzenbach, Contributing WriterWhat if you were an artist forced to work under a dictatorial government?The art exhibit, “Unfree Freedom: An Exploration of Identity in Central Europe,” opened on Oct. 29 and is curated by Janeil Englestad of threewalls, a cultural organization in Chicago that focuses on cultivating art.The showcase includes the work of blacklisted artists created during oppressive European regimes an...

A new kind of ramen

By J_Howard

September 7, 2010

School has begun, but before you know it, classwork and friends will be keeping you up late into the night. A midnight study snack may be necessary.Moms send their kids to school with a 24-pack of ramen noodles, which is the most convenient food item next to the hot water maker. But now, after the fifth bowl, the ramen doesn’t hit the spot like it used to.This recipe for ramen noodle pizza may be just enough to spice up y...

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