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Education bill should aid disadvantaged students

By Editorial Board

December 7, 2015

ince George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 into law, it has been heavily criticized by teachers, education leaders and parents for overtesting students, limiting teachers’ freedom to modify curricula and inadequately measuring student success. Lawmakers hope to revise NCLB through the Every Student Succeeds Act, released on Nov. 30. The House of Representatives and the Senate will vote on the Every Stu...

‘The Game’ scores touchdown for black programming

By Shardae Smith

January 24, 2011

After a two-year hiatus, season four of the comedy-drama “The Game” premiered on Jan. 11 on cable network BET. With 7.7 million viewers tuning in, that show is now the No. 1 ad-supported, scripted series premiere in cable history, according to the Nielsen Ratings Co.Now that BET has broken ratings records, does this mean black sitcoms are going to make a comeback? With the numbers “The Game” has produced on BET, the c...

‘No Child’ defines nothing but failure

By The Quad-City Times Editorial Board

November 9, 2009

No Child Left Behind test scores are out in Illinois and the results are tiredly the same.Failure, failure, failure.We've lamented this before (More children left behind," our Sept. 17 editorial on Iowa Q-C's dismal No Child results).And we'll keep raising concerns as long as Quad-City schoolchildren continue to be anchored to a program that keeps producing such lousy results.This year, every Illinois metro Quad-City high s...

Teen pregnancy rising, education lacking

By SpencerRoush

October 26, 2009

Many girls struggle with teen pregnancy and the consequences of becoming a young mother, especially in low-income neighborhoods. But some state programs are trying to focus money and attention toward teens who are at risk of having another child too soon and dropping out of high school.It was recently reported by CBS 2 News that Chicago’s South Side Paul Robeson High School has 115 girls who are pregnant or already have a...

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