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Rap battle brings rhymes for Valentine’s Day

Rap battle brings rhymes for Valentine’s Day

By Kendrah Villiesse

February 6, 2017

More than a dozen underground rappers from across the nation are going to be putting their rhymes to the ultimate test in a Valentine’s Day rap battle.Valentine’s Day Massacre 4, a rap battle prese...

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

‘Kumiko’ a beautiful love letter to cult classic

April 13, 2015

There is a fine line between fact and fiction, especially in films. When retelling true stories, details are often embellished, and situations are exaggerated. Characters and events are often subject ...

How we learn about sex and relationships

Sex education influences teens’ knowledge, activity

March 30, 2015

Let’s talk about sex. Young adults learn about sex from a handful of different sources, but research suggests teachers rather than parents are now the most common givers of “the talk” for adolesc...

His airness reaches 52 years, not points

By Copy Chief

February 23, 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine wore a “Space Jam” jersey during this year’s NBA dunk competition, but should have carried a sign around that said “Happy Birthday” to the real dunk champion and the man who wore the jersey best, especially in the iconic 1996 Looney Toons-starring film—Chicago hero Michael Jordan.His airness—the man who jumped from the free throw line, double-clutched a ball palmed in his righ...

Athlete Profile: Toby Pechner

Athlete Profile: Toby Pechner

April 28, 2014

Toby Pechner, second basemen and sophomore marketing communication major on the Renegades baseball team, started playing baseball when he was 5 years old. Despite his love for the sport, Pechner put his...

Road to retail marijuana not always green

By Copy Editor

April 21, 2014

Twenty-four states have adopted marijuana law reforms, legalizing the substance for medical and—in some cases—recreational use. Still, many entrepreneurs bolting for the “Green Rush” are having difficulty getting their reefer-related businesses off the ground.Even in Washington and Colorado, where the ganja is legal for recreational use, marijuana business owners face state regulations, community animosity, bank re...

Fierce, philosophical female emcee Dessa captivates Chi-Town

By Emily Ornberg

January 9, 2013

“Forget the bull in the china shop, there’s a china doll in the bullpen.”Singer/songwriter/emcee Dessa professed this symbolic lyric Jan. 8 during her performance of her track “The Bullpen” at her current tour’s inaugural show at Schuba’s Tavern, 3159 N. Southport Ave. A unique brand of cabaret-meets-hip-hop, Dessa’s delicate rhymes paired with colossal uproars of passionate musicality with salsa, jazz and retro...

‘Discovering the Beating Path’ a road trip success

By Ivana Hester

November 26, 2012

The post-treatment stories of cancer survivors are often left untold, but one Columbia student and his crew are trying to change that with a documentary about survivors and how the positivity they feel is often overshadowed by negative media.Evan Bartlett, a junior film & video major and cancer survivor, is working on “Discovering the Beating Path,” a documentary that took the crew across the country this summer and is now ...

Underground hip-hop veteran visits Chicago

November 12, 2012

“Rap won’t save you,” the mantra of the Twin Cities rap collective Doomtree, is repeated in song lyrics and printed on all of its merchandise.Founding member Andrew Sims, however, credits rap for much of his success. Listening to mainstream and underground hip-hop artists, such as the Wu-Tang Clan, helped him cope during a tough childhood, when his musician parents often left Sims to watch over himself and his young...

Early results show support for marijuana legalization, marriage equality

By Tyler Davis

November 6, 2012

Voters in Massachusetts have approved a ballot initiative which will legalize medical marijuana in the state, according to to legalize recreational use of marijuana are on the ballot in Washington, Oregon and Colorado. In Colorado, early results give some hope to this initiative actually passing, which would make it the first state in the country to legalize recreational use of marijuana.Early resul...

Vote ‘no’ on direct democracy

By Tyler Davis

November 5, 2012

Voters will have big issues to vote on during Election Day on Nov. 6, including abortion, same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization. Same-sex marriage is on the ballot in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington, while marijuana legalization is on the ballot in Washington, Oregon and Colorado. Campaign financing and the death penalty are also among the 174 ballot initiatives across the U.S. this year.Even though 54 percen...

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