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Acclaimed Chicago saxophonist Frank Catalano plays for the crowd at Andy's Jazz Club Sept. 11 in River North.

Jazz popularity crescendoes with young audiences

September 19, 2018

Adam Dib, a second year graduate student studying music composition for the screen, says jazz music catapulted into his life in middle school when his teacher pulled out a trumpet during rehearsal and...

Kelly Shingleton, 29, enjoyed her meal  at the Chicago French Market, 131 N. Clinton St., Feb. 8. The French Market is one of five popular food halls in Chicago.

Chicago has appetite for food halls

February 12, 2018

 People have gathered in markets for a communal experience with food for centuries, and the national trend of food halls is just another step in the evolution.Victor Alvarez, a founding partner of Alvarez...

Homeownership a remote dream for millennials

Homeownership a remote dream for millennials

February 12, 2018

The nation’s $1.4 trillion student loan debt significantly affects millennials financially, and a recent study highlights how home ownership has become an even more distant dream for the nation’s l...

A home away from home

A home away from home

By James Firkins

May 8, 2017

When I first arrived in America, I was speechless. While that was in part an effect of the tall buildings, it was due largely to the fact I had lost my voice from singing at the going-away party I had a couple ...

Resignation from OAS could be detrimental to Venezuela

Resignation from OAS could be detrimental to Venezuela

By Ariana Portalatin

May 1, 2017

Political protests in Venezuela reached a tipping point recently with the “mother of all marches” on April 19. Three people were killed as crowds protested their government’s failure to provide its c...

'Siri, do everything!' The future of the interconnected world

‘Siri, do everything!’ The future of the interconnected world

November 28, 2016

Like something out of “WALL-E,” smart gadgets and gizmos are poised to invade every aspect of life, leaving some fearful of a dystopian nightmare and others excited for an automated future. While n...

Megan Rose Gedris is known for her fantasy-driven themed comics that focus on fun, sex positivity and strong female characters and is a notable dancer and costume designer in Chicago.

Pornographic comic takes bite from Kickstarter

April 18, 2016

The “Made in Chicago” label now extends beyond hot dogs, deep dish pizza and jazz music to include the coming publication of an erotic comic that started as an internet exclusive and is being funded via...

Library filling tech resource gap | The Columbia Chronicle

February 1, 2016

Last semester 3D printing, digital single-lens reflex cameras and video cameras became available to students of all majors thanks to the library. Many resources like cameras are only available to stude...

Second City Main Company 104th Production: Fool Me Twice, Deja vu Jamison Webb surrounded by Rashawn Nadine Scott Daniel Strauss Sarah Shook Paul Jurewicz and Chelsea Devantez © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015

Second City’s ‘Dèjá Vu’ pokes fun at millennials

December 7, 2015

The power of intuition to guide people’s experiences and mistakes to make people grow is the driving theme of Second City’s 104th Mainstage Revue, “Fool Me Twice, Dèjá Vu,” which officially opened...

Critics of campus activism ignoring root of student demonstrations

By Editorial Board

November 23, 2015

Students at the University of Missouri, Yale University, Ithaca College and Claremont McKenna College have made national headlines for organizing protests  to address systemic racism and administrative indifference or abuse on their respective campuses.The students who have organized demonstrations have been heavily criticized by the media. TIME Magazine chided them in a Nov. 17  article titled “The New Millennial ‘Mo...

2014 cinema art + science alumna Kellee Terrell’s film “Blame” has won four awards at film festivals since it began showing in early 2015. 

Alumna’s thesis film succeeds in festival circuit

November 23, 2015

When Kellee Terrell came to Columbia in 2012, she said she had no film experience but knew she could tell stories. Terrell has since made two short films that have been shown and won awards in the film fe...

Fashion studies students create candy couture

A dress made entirely of SweeTARTS wrappers is on display at the Candyality museum, 835 N. Michigan Ave., 7th Floor.

By Lauren Kostiuk

November 9, 2015

Five Fashion Studies students were selected as finalists in Candyality’s first-everUnconventional Candy Wrapper Dress Competition. The competition, sponsored by Water Tower Place, will display students’ final designs...

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