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Michelle Nance, the president of Common Ground, Columbia's LGBTQ student organization, decorates a T-shirt for the June 29 Gay Pride Parade in Chicago in preparation for Common Ground's participation in the event.

Common Ground to participate in Pride Parade

June 26, 2014

While most of Columbia’s student organizations are inactive during the summer semester, Common Ground, the college’s LGBTQ-interest organization, is still planning events.Common Ground will participat...

‘Mansions’ sinks like a brick

Paul Walker

By Joh Weitzel

May 5, 2014

IN MODERN HOLLYWOOD, remakes are an ever-present occurrence and, for the most part, mind-numbingly terrible. The worst remakes are completely devoid of what made the orig- inal notable. This is true of “Dis...

‘Real’ women in ads still airbrushed stereotype

By Assistant Metro Editor

April 7, 2014

Some clothing brands have recently strayed from using pencil-thin, traditionally beautiful women to model their clothing with campaigns that attempt to portray “real” women. However, one brand’s campaign subtly reinforces the stereotype that smart women aren’t typically associated with beauty.Online retailer Betabrand replaced supermodels with models who double as Ph.D. holders or doctoral candidates in their spring “sm...

Chronic Relief: A look into the risks, rewards and laws of medicinal cannabis

By Kyle Rich

December 10, 2012

By Kyle Rich and Nader Ihmoud, Assistant Sports & Health EditorsAfter being bedridden for 1,000 days, Mike Graham’s nurse gave him a choice: Use medical cannabis or continue taking the same medication and eventually die from those drugs—if his disease didn’t kill him first.“I didn’t want to be a criminal, but I didn’t want to die either,” Graham said.Graham, an Illinois resident who uses marijuana as medi...

Grim Reaper gene determines time of death

By Brandon Smith

December 3, 2012

Your genetic code may not be able to predict how you will die, but researchers have found that it may tell you what time it will happen.A Harvard research group followed a large number of individuals’ circadian rhythms—the body’s internal clock that helps to determine sleep cycles—and found that one particular mechanism in this process was directly associated with the time of day a person dies.According to Philip D...

Illinois detention center among worst in U.S.

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

November 26, 2012

The Tri-County Detention Center in Ullin, Ill., a holding facility for undocumented immigrants while their right to legal residency is being determined by authorities, was named one of the 10 worst detention centers in the country Nov. 15 by the Detention Watch Network, a national coalition of community leaders and advocates.The report is part of Detention Watch Network’s “Expose and Close” campaign, which aims to rev...

Household income may determine likelihood of receiving medical attention

By Kyle Rich

November 12, 2012

Neighborhoods often influence an individual’s character and lifestyle, and a new study shows that certain community factors can also determine the likelihood of a bystander helping someone in amedical emergency.Researchers observed 29 U.S. cities, not including Chicago, in conducting the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Oct. 25. The study found that those who live in high-income, predominately white...

New year, fresh optimism for Renegades basketball

By Brandon Smith

October 22, 2012

Renegades basketball is gearing up for the coming season with a new roster.Head Coach and Columbia alumnus Joseph Phillips spoke optimistically about his team despite having an almost entirely new lineup. This is Phillips’ third year as the Renegades men’s basketball coach.“We’re looking to play our first game on Nov. 1 with a brand new roster,” he said. “We’re a little more organized this year. We’re takin...

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