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Justice sought for wrongfully convicted

By Kaley Fowler

October 8, 2012

Although police are expected to maintain civilian safety, there are often unreported cases of police torture, according to Joey Mogul, an attorney for the People’s Law Office. He asserted during an Oct. 3 discussion that defendant testimony in cases of police brutality is usually viewed as false because of the assumed credibility of law enforcement officials.As part of Roosevelt University’s second annual Wrongful Conv...

Golden opportunity for silverfin

By Gregory Cappis

October 3, 2011

A simple name change could alter America’s seafood market.Changing the common title of the Asian carp to “silverfin” and building a factory to efficiently remove the bones of the fish is one chef’s plan to solve an ecological problem and to fight hunger.The Illinois Department of Natural Resources worked with professional chef Philippe Parola on its “Target Hunger Now” campaign. The goal of the program is to use Asian c...

‘Dark of the Moon’ dumb as a rock

By Drew Hunt

June 29, 2011

Because it just wouldn’t be summer blockbuster season without a Michael Bay film, the latest addition to the “Transformers” series is locked, loaded and poised to make millions. Shia Labeouf returns as Sam Witwicky, friend to the galactic Autobots who are exiled on Earth after losing a war to the nefarious Decepticons. Along for the ride is his new girlfriend Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). The two are soon wrappe...

‘Transformers 3’ explodes Chicago’s industry

By Meghan Keyes

September 7, 2010

Chicago’s iconic architecture was blown up in fiery blasts, invaded by alien robots and parts of Michigan Avenue were reduced to rubble.  And Michael Bay is to blame.“Transformers 3” began filming in Chicago on July 9 and ended Sept. 1, pouring $20 million into the local economy and providing at least 1,200 jobs, according to the Chicago Film Office.According to the Chicago Transit Authority, the filming detoured 29 d...

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